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Year 5 residential information 2015


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The residential runs from 18-22nd May, although children will only attend for three days of this: either Mon-Wed or Wed-Fri.  Most of 5H will go Mon-Wed, and the Y5s in 5/6T, plus 8 from 5H, will go Wed-Fri.

The residential is based around Ribblehead in the Yorkshire Dales. We stay in Gearstones Lodge and have exclusive use of the building (although there is another small cottage next door but we don’t mix with them). The children sleep in dormitories of up to 8 and we self-cater. The children are expected to help cook and clear up. They are also responsible for their own kit. They are expected to be generally helpful! Staff obviously sleep in separate small rooms very close to the dormitories.

We will have 5 staff for 25 children.  This will be supplemented by Chris Young from British Cycling and Charlie Pyatt from Priesthorpe for the cycling and caving respectively.

The itinerary (briefly):

On the Friday preceding residential, ALL the children bring in their sleeping bags and pillow so that they can be taken up on Friday evening.

Monday:  ALL children bring in their main bag to be taken to Gearstones. Group 1 travel by minibus or train to Gearstones. Eat a packed lunch (supplied from home) at Gearstones. Afternoon spent completing half of the Waterfall Walk at Ingleton (3 staff initially, rising to 5). After dinner, we have a night walk from 8.30-11ish.

Tuesday:  Mountain biking with Chris Young at Gisburn Forest and adventurous caving at Ribblehead with Charlie Pyatt.  After dinner, free leisure time and then a quiz before bedtime.

Wednesday: River study in the morning and train home in the afternoon. Back at school for 3.20pm (hopefully).


The second group travel up on Wednesday morning with 2 staff and two parent volunteers: Mrs Gill and Mrs Cave. 2 staff, and the volunteers, return to Farsley in the afternoon with group 1.

Group 2 have the same itinerary Wed-Fri as there was Mon-Wed.

Y5 kit list 2015

Y5 residential letter 2015 Feb

Risk assessments

Gearstones Risk Assessment inc cooking2015


Offroad biking 2015

Residentialwalks Y5 resi 2015

ThistleRunscar1Caving 2015


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