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War Horse

Friday 30th November | 3 comments

This week we started our unit on the book, “War Horse” by Michael Morpurgo. We will be combining the book and the film to take us through the story. This is a narrative unit, so we will be looking at story writing techniques and all of the punctuation and grammar that goes with it. This week, we focused on “DNA” – dialogue, narrative and action. We talked about how to combine these three types of writing to create a balanced, well-paced story.

The children who attended the Show Time Club performance of “War Horse” on Sunday afternoon will have a lot of background knowledge to draw on. If other children would like to borrow a copy of the book to read ahead, they are very welcome.

In Reading, we have been thinking a lot about the different content domains (reading skills) that we need to know in Year 6. Some new friends have moved into 6H to help us remember the strategies for each skill. Rex the Retriever and other cuddly, soft pups represent each of the content domains and make the learning a bit more fun.

Aurora World 31294 Mini Flopsie Golden Retriever Plush Toy

We are having a very big push on SPELLING at the moment. Today, everyone took home a target list from the Year 5/6 statutory spelling list. Please make sure your child practises these words regularly. We are also continuing to learn the Year 6 patterns. This week it’s -tious/-cious. If your child also has catch-up Spelling for the Year 3/4 statutory words (given at Parents’ Evening), please ensure they are working on those as well.  Spelling is absolutely key to reaching the expected standard in Year 6 Writing.

In History, we started our work on “The War in the Sky”. This links directly to our Farsley Airfield. Today we learned about the three main types of aircraft: reconnaisance, bombers and fighters.  It was wonderful to be able to look out our classroom window and imagine the B.E.2 reconnaisance planes taking off and landing on the field. We’ve started another book called “Flying Ace” which is the story of a young man who joins the Royal Flying Corps in 1915 and ends up as a pilot over France.  It’s very exciting!

Last week, the class finished their war poems. They are absolutely fantastic – so thoughtful and well-written. I have managed to find a writing competition for them. On Wednesday, we typed them and completed our entry forms before posting them off to “The Solstice Prize for Young Writers.” The deadline is today (Friday 30th November) and the results are announced on the day of the Winter Solstice – Friday 21st December. Please click here to go to the competition website.

As the beginning of December approaches, we have been chatting about all the lovely things at this time of year. Many children are looking forward to a chocolate Advent calendar or other special treats. We’ve also been talking about how not every family in Leeds can afford these treats or even just a weekly food shop. The class decided that, before they start to enjoy their own treats, they would like to give something to those who do not have enough. They have set themselves a target of collecting 50-60 items for the local Food Bank. If they would like to contribute, please help your child to bring in their items by Friday 7th December. You may wish to encourage them to earn some money to purchase their donation or use their pocket money. Ideas for donations include non-perishable food items, sweets, small toiletries and baby items. Click on the logo below to go to the local Food Bank website.

Leeds North & West Foodbank Logo


  • **Big Push on Spelling**: This week’s homework is about the -tious/-cious pattern. Children should check their answers in a dictionary or on-line. Children also need to learn the words on their Year 5/6 target list. Those who have Year 3/4 words to learn need to continue with that as well. – Spelling activity due Wednesday 12th December. 
  • Reading Comprehension: Comprehension work is due on Wednesday 5th December.
  • Times Table Rock Stars – Everyone is now able to log-on and should spend some time on this website at home each week. Try to improve the red areas on your heat-map.
  • Maths Homework: Due Tuesday 4th December 
  • Christmas Show Rehearsal: This year’s KS2 Christmas show is “Oliver”. Year 6 are responsible for leading the singing with strength and enthusiasm. Please encourage your child to practise some of the songs at home. Click on the links below for some music and lyrics to help.

Consider Yourself

You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two

Oom Pah Pah!

Food Glorious Food

I’d Do Anything


We hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

3 responses to “War Horse”

  1. Jemma Leckenby says:

    What a lot going on! I think everyone will work really hard before the Christmas break.

  2. Tracy perkins says:

    Looks like a very busy week lots to work on,Lucas would love a copy of war horse please.

  3. Jayne says:

    Mrs Heap obviously spends a lot of time on these detailed blog contributions. It is really appreciated. If there was a giant thumbs up at the top of the entry, I’d click on that!

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