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Showcase Friday

Friday 8th May | 4 comments

Another amazing week of online learning from 6J. I am so proud of the effort and enthusiasm you are all putting in – even though some of you admitted to me that you don’t read my blogs! We have had many activities this week, Jedi writing, PE, Art with Rob, French days of the week, angles in maths and even a photography challenge.

Draw with Rob

This week I gave the children the option of drawing a racing car or a flock of sheep. We had a range of both tasks and the sketches are amazing. Well done everyone.


The children also took part in some Jedi PE training earlier in the week – the feedback was positive and they seemed to really enjoy it. I also set an agility and footwork activity which was well received.


We also completed a piece of descriptive writing all about the Jakku desert. The children really enjoyed this and I was impressed with the quality of work submitted. They watched the video below and used this to structure their journey through the land.

Shocked and bewilder, I mounted my speeder and set off to zoom through the dry, dusty land before my eyes. To explore my home land of Jakku. It’s been years since i came to the desert of Jakku. Memories from when I was a child but a lot has changed since then. Scatters of battleships over the sandy landscape, the remains of the last epic showdown. Pell-melling through the arenicolous dunes, desperately looking for any sign of life but all was silent. Searching through the rusty battleships- from decades of years ago- two angry Jawas raced over waving their arms furiously. Obviously they thought that I was trying to scavenge quickly to sell the remains of the broken down battleship. Peering my head over, a bright luminous glow crawled around the rusty brown engine. Confusingly I toasted back the pieces to find a huge imperial star. Could this be the one? Could this be the Gala star?   
By Lauren

The Jakku desert is a wasteland that carries along all the war scraps since the Jakku war. Gigantchwan Stardestroyer towers over the citizens of the planet. The two small moons of Jakku are peaking over the sand mountains making everyone so thirsty because it looks like it’s running with rivers . The scorching gritty sand makes the survival rates here drop like flies. They say there used to be trees here. Now trees are so scares, there is literally none.  Tie fighters were everywhere with all the dead, mummified bodies inside. The beams of light run inside the bonding of every door, wall and ceiling. The two acres of ship were all off line. It is a wasteland. By Lucas

Gliding through  the remaining battle grounds, sand flew back towards my eyes as my young planet emerged in the distance. It was peculiar to be back here on my birth planet (Jakku Desert) but desperate to succeed I continued on my search. I had come so far now I did not have a second to lose, I set the Landspeeder to full capacity and drove towards the decaying star-ship. The silver star-ship was rusted over from the water and you could scarcely see the titanium door. I hurled myself out of the Landspeeder scanning for any sign of forms of life but no hope. Vigorously, I assaulted the now dented door and broke in; food and weapons were thrown everywhere it had clearly been raided. Further in, a raider lay broken on the weapon cabinet full of red lightsabers  and a blue-ish light was defeated covered in flames I placed it in my hands the light appeared glistening brighter than before (a sought of power source had entered my body). Raiders hovered by, believing I had killed their own they waved their arms. By Serena

Well done everyone – some fabulous pieces of writing.

Bank Holiday Quiz

Last but not least we held a 6J Bank Holiday Quiz. There was lots of laughter and I think it is safe to say we all had a really good time. The winners of the quiz were Daisy and Daniel – well done!

I hope you all enjoy the glorious weather over the bank holiday weekend.

Miss Jones

4 responses to “Showcase Friday”

  1. Claire Higgins says:

    The kids are doing some great work. Thank you for all the effort you have put into their home learning

    • missejones says:

      There is some fabulous work being produced. George has been working exceptionally hard and looks like he is enjoying himself along the way. He submitted some beautiful photos for the photography assignment.

  2. Sahil says:

    Who won the photogary challenge

    • missejones says:

      Hi Sahil. There are so many good entries that I am still deciding. A winner will be announced later this week!

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