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Mould everywhere!

Friday 18th October | No comments yet


We have had an exciting week in 6J this week, particularly when uncovering the mould which has been festering in various parts of the classroom.

We have found that nearly every piece of bread tested grew at least a few spores of mould. Daisy and Svana seemed to be able to grow the most mould on their bread which had been rubbed on the toilet seat and kept in a warm location. All children in the class understand that mould likes to grow in places with moisture. I think it is now time we get rid of the mouldy bread.


We have also been working hard on developing our vocabulary. We watched the trailer of Brave and used the character and setting to collect a wide range of vocabulary and phrases. Here are some examples of our hard work.

The children then used their thoughts and ideas to write a character description. I am looking forward to reading these.


The children have completed their 108 Year 3/4 key spellings and I will be sending home revision sheets next week. Please keep up to date with Spelling Shed and Mathletics – these are great tools for rehearsing skills.

Thank you very much for all of the learning log homework this week I can see that there has been lots of effort and collaborative work.

Homework for 18.10.19

Mathematics – Prime Numbers Due 23/10/19

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Jones

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