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Leavers’ Assembly 2019

Friday 19th July | No comments yet

We can’t believe we’ve come to the end of another school year! The Year 6 class of 2019 have been central to the school for so long and we will miss them.

This morning, we enjoyed a wonderful celebration of all that we have achieved as a school this year. In particular, we were so proud to honour each of our Year 6 children.

We’d like to say a special congratulations to the winners of our Leavers’ Awards. They have all achieved so highly and worked incredibly hard throughout their time at Farfield. They have truly been the best they can be!

Our highest attainers in Reading, Writing, GPS (Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling) and Maths excelled themselves in their results. They didn’t just tiptoe over the scaled score of 110 into the “Greater Depth” level – they smashed it! All of our highest attainers scored over 117, some of them with perfect or near perfect test scores.

Our progress winners have shown so much development over the past four years. Some moving from below the expected standard to the expected standard and some from the expected standard to greater depth.

The winners of the Farfield Child and Leadership awards really personify what the Farfield spirit is all about. These children have consistently shown dedication, resilience, positivity, kindness and a strong understanding of our school learning hive. They have a spirit of adventure and don’t mind getting muddy! They have become role models across the school and active citizens both in the school and wider community.

The winners of the Music & the Arts awards clearly demonstrate the well-rounded nature of a Farfield child. These children have shown commitment to their craft and worked hard to progress. We have enjoyed their participation in choir, music lessons, assemblies and talent shows. Not only have they developed their own skills, but they have inspired younger children to follow in their footsteps.

The winners of our sports awards have been active participants of our varied PE curriculum over many years and have represented the school in numerous sporting events. They embrace the “Be Healthy” ethos of Farfield and strive to do their best with a sporting attitude. They push themselves to new levels of achievement while encouraging others to step out of their comfort zones and try something new.

As we come to the end of the school year and many of us move on to new adventures, we would like to thank the parents, carers and children for their hardwork and on-going support. We have been a great home/school team as we strive to do our best for these children. Also, thank you for the very kind cards and gifts we have received over the past few days. We really appreciate them all.

To the children, we would like to wish you well as you move on to your next adventure with a reminder that you take the spirit of Farfield with you always. Never forget that you will forever be a Farfield Child and all of us here are cheering you on every step of the way.

The Year 6 Team

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