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Another great week…

Friday 25th September | No comments yet

This has been another great week for 6J. The children have been developing their understanding of a range of topics further and have worked hard throughout the week.


This week we have focused our attentions on rounding and negative integers. There was a little confusion around the word ‘integers’ early in the week, but we soon understood this term and the children completed the tasks well. This weeks homework is focusing on rounding as this is an element of the curriculum that some find challenging. Below is a link to a video to help if you are finding it tricky at home.


We have further developed our understanding of the Mool Mantar this week and began to look at the story of Guru Nanak. The children showed great respect to the children in class who are part of the Sikh religion and asked inquisitive and well thought out questions. The work produced was of a high standard and contained lots of information from both the video clip we had watched and the discussions we had as a class.

We have also been exploring instructional writing in English, which the children will complete next week, plotting Michael’s journey on a map in geography, and revisited our counting to 10 in French!


This will the children have been issued with:

Spelling task – able and ible – Due 30.9.20 Rounding in maths – Due 30.9.20 Mathletics assignments – Due 30.9.20

Many thanks and have a lovely weekend!

Miss Jones

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