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A great start to the half term!

Friday 8th November | No comments yet

It was lovely to see the children arrive back at school on Monday morning with a positive attitude. They were excited to find out that we were starting our new topic of World War One.


In English we have been focusing on poetry this week. The children have explored a wide range of war poetry and discussed the different themes. The children excelled when identifying the theme and held a fantastic discussion about the propaganda involved. Dulce et Decorum est was the main poem we focused on for our writing this week and the children found this poem very emotive and moving. We watched a powerful video to enhance the meaning and message behind the poem. We used the poem to construct a letter based on the information explored within the letter. I was very proud of some of the language and emotion the children explored in their letters.

Following this, the children worked together to create a word bank using the Canada’s Hundred Days clip. I was impressed with the level of figurative language the children developed and used. They thought very carefully about the meaning behind the clip and how to portray this in their writing.

Here is a link the the video we used for Canada’s 100 Days.


What was the cause of World War One? This was the question we posed to the children at the start of the lesson. We then explored a range of sources using these to plot the key events leading up to WW1. It was interesting for the children to see the different countries involvement and develop an understanding that there was not one main cause which started WW1 but in fact many triggers. The children worked collaboratively to plot the key events onto a timeline for their allocated country.


This week we have set both Maths and Learning log homework.

  • Maths – BIDMAS (brackets, indices, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction). This is due in on 13/11/19
  • Learning Log- To learn In Flanders Fields by heart. We would like you to try and read with fluency and intonation. This is due 13/11/19

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

I hope that you all have a restful weekend,

Miss Jones

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