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A busy week in 6J

Friday 4th October | 2 comments

We have had another week of hard work and perseverance this week. The children have been exploring explanation texts, using short division to solve some tricky mathematical problems and growing mould!


This week the children have been hard at work on a different text type – explanations. This has been tricky as they are rather similar to instructional writing which we completed the week before. The children have worked hard identifying the features and language choices and also started their own research into volcanoes. Next week they will use this knowledge to write their own explanation text.

In our grammar lessons we have also been exploring active and passive voice. After a sticky start, the children can now confidently identify and use both the passive and active voice.

Can you write the sentence in the passive voice?

  1. Miss Jones marked the children’s books.
  2. Billy told the headteacher a joke.


The children have worked exceptionally hard this week on their division skills and have completed a wide range of tasks. At the start of the week, most of us were having trouble with the size and difficulty of the numbers. We have used a wide range of resources (and brushed up on our times table knowledge) and the class are now much more confident with their division methods. I have set division for homework this week and if any one is finding it tricky please ask!


In Science this week we have spent more time exploring microorganisms. The children have a good understanding of the different types and impressed me with their writing skills around this. On Monday, we set up an investigation into how quickly microorganisms grow on white bread. As you can imagine, the children picked some weird and wonderful places to rub their bread on. We are now impatiently awaiting the results.

Homework for 04/10/2019

Maths – division sheet in books (Due 9th October)

Learning log – Edward Jenner (Due 16th October)

Please also log onto Spelling Shed, Mathletics and TT Rocks at least 3 times this week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Jones

2 responses to “A busy week in 6J”

  1. Srihan says:

    The joke was told to the head teacher by Billy

  2. Srihan says:

    The children’s books 2ere marked by Miss Jones

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