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A bit of normality…

Friday 5th June | No comments yet

This week marked the start of some normality returning to our lives; we returned to school albeit with some changes from before. The children have been exceptionally mature and followed the new routine well. I am really impressed with the start they have made. Those children who are still working from home have produced some lovely writing and continued to work really hard.

Story writing

This week we started to write a story using a picture as a stimulus. The children had remembered lots of techniques and strategies to use in their writing and it was lovely to see them develop their ideas further throughout the week. We have not quite finished these yet and I will hopefully share some next week.

Here is the image we used:

The Magic Tree


This week the children have continued using the White Rose resources to support their mathematics work. Both the home school and maths tasks in class were completed to a high standard and the children felt much more confident with this skill.


We have watched an online assembly from the NSPCC giving children some advice on how to deal with their worries during this difficult time. Here is the link if you would like to watch it again as a family.

Everything else

The children have engaged in many other tasks whilst at school this week including Art, Music, Farming, PE and PSHE. They have worked really hard and I am looking forward to continuing with the hard work next week.

Take care,

Miss Jones

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