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6H residential – day 2

Thursday 6th June | 8 comments

The weather has been amazing today with beautiful sunshine all day.  The children slept well and didn’t get up until 7am.  Tent inspections took place with the tidiest tent getting to go first for breakfast.  It was hard to chose a winner as all the tents were amazingly organised and tidy.

Today’s activities were caving, abseiling and gorge scrambling and via ferrata.  We are so proud of all the children for their efforts today.   So many of them pushed themselves to overcome fears and give things a go.

Almost all the children abseiled the 40 foot drop off the bridge into the gorge.  Whoops of delight and lots of cheering and laughter (and the odd scream) could be heard all along the gorge.  This was followed by scrambling along the bottom of the gorge in the very cold water below.  At some points we were washed along with the river, over small slide-like waterfalls into rock pools; in other parts we had to scramble over the rocks or climb up smaller waterfalls.  We got the opportunity of jumping into the deeper parts of the river from 3 different heights and many children jumped from the highest point.  Getting in and out of the wet suits for this activity was a challenge in itself!

The via ferrata course involved harnessing ourselves up and clipping on and off the ropes across the rock face of the gorge.  At times, we climbed across beams or ladders over the top of the gorge.  It was very exciting but also quite challenging in parts.  Almost all the children completed the course.

A quick trip through Tom Taylor’s cave was nerve wracking for the children, but they showed their caring side and helped each other along.

When asked, the children said their highlights from today were:

  • Grace  flying down the abseil into the gorge
  • Ruby’s screams as she jumped in off the big ledge
  • Katie, Keeley and Laura floating down the gorge
  • Paige’s many, many strange noises in the cold water
  • Sliding down the waterfall
  • Mr Cooke finding a song for everything
  • Dylan getting stuck in his wet suit – but at least he cleaned his glasses
  • Mrs Heap and Mr Cooke synchronised swimming in the gorge
  • Abbie completing the abseil
  • Squelchy wellies
  • Independent rabbits (we think Luke meant wild rabbits!)
  • Rhys – not holding on while abseiling
  • Tallulah’s kindness
  • Zaynab – via ferrata – crossing the beam

It has been such a good day, this list could keep going on and on.

The children have just learnt how to make fire and have toasted marshmallows on it. They are now enjoying a cup of hot chocolate before a bit of extra playtime in the sun and then bed.  We hope to have another good night’s sleep from all the children before we begin our activities on the final day.

Below are just a few of the photos  that we taken today.  More photos and videos will follow in the next few days.

8 responses to “6H residential – day 2”

  1. Jemma Leckenby says:

    What an absolutely fantastic day. Bet you don’t want it to end!

  2. The sullivans says:

    Lots of smiles and lots of fab memories! Enjoy your last day everyone!! Xxx

  3. Julie Ralphs-Mirza says:

    What a lovely memory for you all to carry forward and cherish.

  4. Davina Bhanabhai says:

    Some lovely pictures again and it’s great to see and hear that you have all had a spectacular day! Nice ‘Ninja Moves’ Keiva & Emelia! Looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow evening.

  5. Lisa Jamieson says:

    What a lovely day you’ve all had! The gorge scrambling looks amazing. You’ve had better weather than us, we had a bit of rain this afternoon. Enjoy your final day.

  6. Laura says:

    So glad you all having amazing time hope you evidences of Dylan been stuck in wet suit or didn’t happen his dad says. Memories that will last a lifetime

  7. Nicole Gilhooley says:

    Sounds (and looks) like you’ve had a brilliant day!

    I find it very difficult to believe that the tent Katie is in was classed as tidy!

    It’s very easy to be proud of positive attitudes and the Farfield spirit! Well done:)

  8. Mr G says:

    Looks like you’re having an awesome time gang! The gorge scrambling was my favourite activity. Well done for all giving it a go!

    I’m very proud of you all

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