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6H have the S Factor!

Tuesday 18th June | 1 comment

Today we held our S factor auditions. I was blown away by the quality of every entry! The children had put is so much effort and research. It was wonderful to see the ‘wow’ factor appear on everyone’s faces as the experiments unfolded. Thank you to everyone for your effort and participation. We learned: how the hand works; how blood clots are formed; how to perform magic with air; how to understand erosion with sweets!; how to make colourful rain; how to make bubbles bounce and how to make bubbles within bubbles within bubbles! Amazing! 6H have the S Factor!

One response to “6H have the S Factor!”

  1. Darcy Moles Y8 says:

    This looks like this years s-factor MUST have been very interesting indeed. I am really glad you have kept these traditions (aka the s-factor) up and running frequently! Keep up the great work guys!

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