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Message for Year 6

11/05/2018 at 11:54


Dear Year 6,

Next week, you will take your SATs tests for Grammar, Spelling, Reading and Maths. We know how hard you have worked but there is something very important that you must know.

The SATs tests do not assess all of what makes each of you special and unique. The people who create and score these tests do not know you the way we do and certainly not in the way your families know you.

They do not know how some of you love to draw and are incredibly artistic. They have not seen your amazing talents for dancing, gymnastics and singing. They do not know that you are brilliant at science and computer games or that you have a love of history and finding out about people of the past. They do not know the fantastic talents some of you have in all of your different sports. They do not know that you are funny and unique. They do not know that you are kind, trustworthy and thoughtful and that every day you try to be your very best.

The scores you get on these tests will tell you something but they will not tell you everything. You will have been successful because you have worked hard to prepare and you have tried your best. We are so proud of every one of you already. There is no “test” to see how amazing you are – we already know it.

This weekend, make sure your rest, relax, be positive and have some fun. We know you are going to shine!

Good luck,

Mrs Heap, Mrs Hoyle, Mr Sharp, Mrs Carney, Mrs Harding & Mrs DuPreez


Your Year 6 Team

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We’re Nearly There!

04/05/2018 at 11:11


We’ve had another hard-working week in 6H. The class has really impressed me with their dedication to their learning and efforts to revise for their SATs effectively.  With one more week to go, we feel like we are almost ready! Now it is time to fill in any last gaps and focus on being calm and confident.

Of course, our Year 6 work ethic doesn’t stop after SATs. We still have our Writing to carry on with (Writing assessments are sent in at the end of June) as well as residential, leavers show and a lot of exciting topic work.

On Tuesday this week, we watched a very interesting performance of a play called “Mr Shapeshifter.” The aim of this production is to teach children about how to keep themselves safe both on-line and when they are out on their own. The children were made to feel somewhat uncomfortable throughout the show so that they could recognise that feeling another time if they are ever in a dangerous situation. Please speak with your child about this event.


Over the next week, please take some time to look through your revision books and then do the following:

  • Read a good book
  • Go for a walk with your family
  • Eat your favourite meal
  • Rest – go to bed a bit earlier each night
  • Have a movie night with your family
  • Visit a relative or friend
  • Play at a playground
  • Listen to music
  • Play a sport
  • Stretch – Do some gymnastics, dance, yoga…
  • Go on a bike/scooter ride
  • Go for a swim
  • Cook or make something
  • Sing or make music

Tick them off as you complete them and return your sheet to school on Monday 14th May.

Enjoy your long weekend!

The Year 6 Team

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Mr Shapeshifter

01/05/2018 at 17:09


Today we had a theatre group in school for year 6 called Mr Shapshifter. It was very entertaining but also gave out very important messages about keeping safe. It was delivered in an engaging and understandable way. Afterwards, we had lengthy discussions about things the way the children in the play were feeling and what they did about it. We used the words ‘abuse’ and ‘exploitation’ and looked at how the children can look after themselves, including when they are online. We also discussed where they could go for help if they were ever to need any. They filled in a ‘help hat’ which they should bring home.

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Another busy week…

27/04/2018 at 16:19


The Year 6 children have continued to work hard this week!

We have spent a lot of time revising our Reading skills and looking at how to answer specific question types.  In Grammar, we looked at all of the different verb tenses we might encounter on our test and how we can remember which is which.

Our writing lessons have been very creative as we’ve planned and written settings for the Harry Potter books. Children have really worked hard to show atmosphere through their writing (spooky, excited, mysterious, nervous…) I’m really looking forward to reading their writing over the weekend!

In PSHE, children have taken part in a workshop led by members of the NSPCC. They have been encouraged to speak out and stay safe and have been made aware of the different kids of abuse that a child may encounter. Please discuss this session with your child.

Homework this week:

  1. Look at verb tenses (past tense, subjunctive, present perfect, past progressive, present progressive)
  2. Choose one aspect of Reading to revise (I recommend Vocabulary)
  3. Choose some spellings to practise from the back on the white CGP book.


Have a great weekend and take some time to recharge those Year 6 batteries!

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25/04/2018 at 12:45


Last week we began a new unit of work on light. We answered and discussed some questions which were mainly revision.

This week we looked at how we see through a mirror and asked the question ‘Does everything look the same through a mirror’?

The children worked in pairs to explore letters and shapes seen through a mirror and we made a note of the things we noticed. Then we played a prediction game where each person wrote down a word, with no more than six letters, in CAPITALS.

They then swapped and wrote down what they thought their partner’s word would look like in a mirror. There were some interesting predictions which we learnt from!

Finally, we described how a mirror reflects an image of an object/person is:

that the light goes from LIGHT SOURCE ➜ FACE ➜ MIRROR ➜ EYE.

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25/04/2018 at 12:44


We have had a very productive time with angles this week. We have worked on calculating missing angles on a straight line, in a triangle, in a circle and in a quadrilateral. We have been measuring angles with a protractor and measuring lines in cm and mm. And we have learnt how to draw angles accurately. The children have completed past test questions and reasoning and problem solving questions too.

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