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6H residential – day 1

05/06/2019 at 22:32


We all arrived safe and sound at How Stean Gorge. The children had a lovely lunch with the children from 6S before setting up their tents.

We then separated into 3 groups and prepared for our first activity.

Group 1 got harnessed and helmeted up ready to have a go at the via ferrata.  All the children along with Mr Cooke and Mrs Heap, completed it successfully.

Ruby said, “We had to walk across a beam over the gorge and then we had to climb on the rock face.  We lowered ourselves carefully over the edge and climbed along.  We always had 2 clips on which we had to move one at a time.  At the end of the via ferrata, we had to head through a cave that used to belong to a highwayman.  It got darker and darker and we had to pass messages to each other about what was coming up.  The best part of the via ferrata was the beam because it was fun.  Adam, our instructor with a Viking-like beard, was really encouraging and helpful.”

Will said, “It was extremely fun.”

Abbie said, “The best bit was the ladder across the gorge.  It was scary and very exciting.  I am very proud of myself for completing it”.

Group 2 went caving at a cave at How Stean with Mrs Wallace.  All the children wore ‘cave paint’ on their faces and looked amazing.

Grace said, “We crawled through some deep pools over some huge boulders.  We squeezed through some tight gaps between them and got very wet and muddy.”

Dom said, “It was quite difficult to get in and out of the caves because we had to lower ourselves through a small hole.  The first bit was quite tricky because of the tight gaps and pointy boulders.  I really enjoyed it.  The best bit was where we almost lost the instructor when he hid from us!”

Group 3 headed off to cave at a local cave a few miles away called Manchester Hole with Mrs Hawkhead.  Everyone completed all the cave although some came back a little soggy!

Luke said, “We had to wear special red caving suits with a belt and helmet.  We had to climb down over boulders into the stream running through the cave.  It was as pitch black inside.  At one point, we climbed up part of the cave using a rope.  When we got to the top we saw stalactites.”

Paige and Faith said: “We liked climbing up the roped section and sitting at the top.  We turned off our lights and had to try to poke each other’s noses – but we missed!  At one point, Danny our instructor went ahead and hid and we had to turn off our lights and try to find him by guiding each other along the cave.”

After everyone successfully completed the first activity, we headed back for a wonderful evening meal at the café.  We had lasagne and garlic bread followed by fruit salad and ice cream.  Delicious!

We then headed out for an evening walk to the local village of Middlesmoor before coming back for hot chocolate and biscuits.

The children are now all tucked up in bed.

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Year 6 Writing – w/b 20th May

24/05/2019 at 15:12


This week, we’ve done things a bit differently in our Literacy lessons. We mixed up the two classes so everyone could work on challenges that helped them to meet their individual writing targets.

In the 6S classroom, the children focused on Harry Potter. They wrote a report about an imaginary school, a setting description of their school and an atmospheric description of a magical shop. Everyone reported that they had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the sessions.

In the 6H classroom, the children focused on authors’ writing styles. They were challenged to write in the style of very different authors, changing their word choices, level of formality and sentence structure accordingly. On Wednesday, they wrote in the style of Lemony Snickett – very dark and serious. On Thursday, we changed the style completely and wrote in the style of Roald Dahl or Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson) – action packed and informal. Finally, on Friday, the children could chose their style and topic for some fantastic free writing.

We’re all looking forward to residential after half-term. We’ve spent some time talking through all of the activities and the children have been given another copy of the kit list. Everyone’s excited and ready to have a go at everything, showing off that Farfield attitude.

We hope everyone has a fantastic half-term holiday and comes back to school ready for the adventures of the final half-term of Year 6!

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Brownlee Triathlon 2019

23/05/2019 at 17:43


This afternoon, 15 Key Stage Two children represented Farsley Farfield at the Brownlee Schools Triathlon. They all did brilliantly! We took a mix of experienced triathletes and children who are new to the sport. Everyone encouraged and helped each other through the swim, bike, run and transitions in between. It was fantastic to see the true Farfield resilience and effort shining through!

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Leeds Book Awards 2019

21/05/2019 at 13:49


The Year 6 Leeds Book Awards book club had a fantastic time at the Leeds Book Awards Ceremony (age 9-11) this morning. The event is held at Pudsey Civic Hall so we were able to leave school right away and be the first to arrive! With front row seats secured, we enjoyed the buzz in the air as 500 excited children arrived with their teachers. It is an amazing atmosphere of book lovers who have all read and reviewed the same six books.

The ceremony was brilliant! We heard from each of the shortlisted authors as they described their books, gave tips for writing and explained what had inspired them to write. We all came away feeling inspired!

This year, we were fortunate to have one of our submitted questions chosen to be read out on stage. Charlie was invited to ask her question, “I sometimes struggle to think of titles. How do you get your ideas for titles?” During the comedy segment of the show, James was invited up on stage to be a “pie holder.” He was very funny and did a great job! Elizabeth had a lovely surprise when the author of her favourite book, Dragon Daughter, thanked her for  writing an on-line review that really meant a lot to her.

Finally, the winner was announced! Dragon Daughter by Liz Flanagan! Elizabeth was the first to congratulate her and have her sign our book.

After the ceremony, we had the opportunity to meet each of the authors and ask them to autograph our books. It is always inspiring to meet someone you look up to and dream of achieving something similar one day.


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Vashti Hardy ~ Author Visit

20/05/2019 at 14:30


This morning, children in Years 3,4,5 & 6 enjoyed an inspirational visit from author Vashti Hardy. Vashti is one of six shortlisted authors in this year’s Leeds Book Awards (9-11 category) with her book, Brightstorm. A group of Year 6 children will be attending the awards ceremony tomorrow to find out if Vashti is the winner!

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Vashti Hardy talk about her many influences as a writer and her top tips for our own writing. Many children have been inspired to go away and draw a map of their own fictional world as the starting point for an exciting narrative. With two wonderful books based on adventure, exploration and following your dreams, Vashti encouraged the children to be whatever they want to be and not let anything stand in their way!

The children enjoyed pulling props fit for an adventure out of Vashti’s special bag and one lucky girl was dressed up as an intrepid explorer. We also learned how to escape from quicksand!

After her talk, the children who had purchased a book had an opportunity to meet Vashti Hardy and have their books autographed. It was wonderful to listen to the children’s questions and the lovely conversations that happened so naturally.


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Year 6 SATs Week

17/05/2019 at 16:44


We are so proud of how well all of the Year 6 children have worked this week! They kept going when things were challenging and really took it as an opportunity to show off what they can do.

We finished the week with a great party day! This morning, we enjoyed the classrooms being turned into cinemas, complete with popcorn and treats. This afternoon, everyone had a lovely time playing outside in our beautiful school grounds!

We hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

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