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6H – Welcome Back

07/09/2018 at 17:32


**Important message for parents/carers – 6H will be going on their sailing trip on Friday 21st September. We need one or two parent/carer helpers to accompany us on the trip. It would also be really helpful if one of the helpers could take his/her car to Yeadon Tarn. If you are interested in joining us for the day, please let us know as soon as possible by emailing Mrs Heap (kate.heap@farsleyfarfield.org.uk). Thank you!


We have had a very calm, productive week in Year 6. So far, all the staff have been very impressed by the children’s behaviour and learning attitudes.

We have made a good start to many areas of the curriculum: maths, reading, writing and geography. Using Moana and Kensuke’s Kingdom in our Pacific Ocean topic, we have been learning about the different types of reading questions we will encounter in Year 6 and how to answer them. We have also been looking at different types of sentences and how to challenge ourselves as writers. In geography, we have looked at the world’s oceans and continents and played a fun game of “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago?”



We will be having a test on the Year 3/4 statutory spelling list on Wednesday 19th September.  The children have been given a word list and some practise activities. They have been told to study as much or as little as they need to (it is up to them to decide how much time they need to spend on them – with some guidance from parents & carers).


Extreme Learning starts on Monday so Planners must be signed and brought to school every day next week. Please make a start on Mathletics and Times Table Rockstars as well as doing some reading.


We hope you enjoy the weekend. Remember, it is the Farsley and Pudsey Heritage Weekend so there are a lot of things happening in the community. Sunnybank Mill is open to the public. We study the Industrial Revolution after Christmas so the children may wish to go for a sneak preview! One other particularly interesting exhibition is “Pudsey and the First World War” in the Pudsey Town Hall. This will really support our topic on the First World War coming up in November/December.



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Star Wars Day 2018

07/09/2018 at 17:17


Just another day at Farfield…

Star Wars Day is becoming a bit of a tradition in Year 6. Thank you for such fantastic support with costumes so early in the school year!

We started the day altogether in the hall. We did some Jedi training and then received an important message about our mission for the day. In full Star Wars opening crawl, we were told the following:


EPISODE VIII: Attack of the Voices
There is unrest in the upper echelons of the educating systems. Dozens of law abiding pupils have declared their intentions to leave the Republic. They are kept fearfully imprisoned, however,  by the voices of Gramma who has become the feared Lord of Farfield.
There are a group of elders within the realm who must tackle the voices head on. Will they be active in their quest or passive and allow Gramma’s tyrannical rule to continue?
The children worked through a collection of fun activities to help them understand the difference between active and passive voice – an essential Year 6 Grammar objective. They are now able to change from one type of sentence to the other and use them in their independent writing.
Jedi Training:



Learning the difference between Active & Passive:

Creating our own sentences:

Practising our new skills:

Jedi Playtime (including a football match of Han Solos vs Stormtroopers):

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How to Use Your Year 6 Weekly Planner

04/09/2018 at 21:50


The children in Year 6 are very excited about their new Year 6 planners!

These will now take the place of the Extreme Learning reading records and will also be used to keep track of homework and other important dates. Children must bring these to school everyday.

Parents/carers should sign the planners at the bottom of each day for any reading/maths activities that count towards Extreme Learning. The weekend activities can be written and signed in the “Notes” section on the bottom right.

Over the next few days, we would like the children to fill in the front information page with support from their parents/carers. They may also fill in the timetable and activities pages. There are copies of the weekly timetable at school which children may borrow to help them fill in the timetable page in their planner. They only need the “Week 1” page as our timetable stays the same each week.


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Vote Charlotte for Leeds Children’s Mayor

25/08/2018 at 22:32


Leeds Children’s Mayor candidate, Charlotte from Farsley Farfield Primary School, talks about her campaign to make musical opportunities more accessible for all children in Leeds.

To vote, go to: https://breezeleeds.org/have-your-say/leeds-childrens-mayor

Voting closes at 5 p.m. on Wednesday 19th September 2018

Anyone age 18 or under who lives or attends school in Leeds may vote.


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Year 6 Leavers’ Show

20/07/2018 at 16:01


How proud we all were of Year 6 on Wednesday evening! They spoke clearly, they acted brilliantly, they sang loudly and they made us laugh and cry. What a great performance!

Click here to go to to the 6S page to see the photos:



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Every Single Step of the Way & Reading Buddies

20/07/2018 at 15:59


What a week! The Year 6 children have excelled themselves this week with a wonderful Leavers’ Show and a fun Leavers’ Party.

In between rehearsals and performances, they have continued to work hard on their Roman topic by researching an aspect of life in Roman Britain and creating fantastic posters and leaflets.

This morning, we enjoyed our final Reading Buddy session with 1GJ. We have had such a lovely time with them throughout the year reading together, sharing our writing, playing games and having fun. Today we read some really interesting books, ate ice pops and played on the Infant playground.  We’ll miss our little friends as we move on to high school!

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