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Awesome October

05/10/2018 at 13:35


We’re into our second month of Year 6 and going strong! The children have completed their first set of practice SATs papers and we’ve found that they aren’t actually all that scary! Everyone coped really well, worked hard and tried their very best. We will be sharing their scores along with their end of year targets with you at Parents’ Evening in a few weeks’ time. Please make sure you make an appointment. It is so important that we work as a team throughout Year 6.

Mrs Hoyle is away from school at the moment following a bereavement. The class has been so kind and thoughtful about her absence and have behaved well for their cover teachers. We’ve been fortunate to have Mr Garlick and Mrs Daniels in this week and again next week to make sure the class has teachers with whom they are familiar.

The last of the local high schools have held their open evenings this week. We hope you were able to get around the ones you wanted to see and ask a lot of questions. Remember, choosing a high school is not about where friends are going but about which school best meets the needs of your family. The deadline for completing the Secondary School Application Form is Wednesday 31st October. If you need any help or advice, please let us know.


  1. Reading Comprehension: Please go through your child’s answers with him/her before they hand it in. It’s much better to improve answers right away than two weeks later.
  2. Spelling: Some children need to continue to practise the Year 3/4 words. Please make sure this is a regular activity.  In class, we have been looking at the -able/-ible rule. Please ask your child to explain it to you.  We are moving on to the Year 5/6 words next. The children should already know many of these from Year 5. We will be having our first test in early November.
  3. Maths: Please encourage your child to spend time on TT Rock Stars and Mathletics this week.
  4. Learning Log: The task is to research the recent earthquake/tsunami in Indonesia. This links to our Geography topic and we will be using the information in our Literacy lessons in a few weeks. The following news article may help:


Have a lovely weekend!

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6H Sailing 2018

29/09/2018 at 11:01


Everyone in 6H was glad we waited for better weather for our sailing trip. We enjoyed bright sunshine and just enough wind to make the sailing fun!


Throughout the day, the children completed three activities:


  1. Sailing with Leeds Sailing & Activity Centre instructors
  1. Water Shape Poetry
  1. Survival Drama
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Geography: Plate Tectonics

23/09/2018 at 20:53


L.O. Describe the layers of the Earth

Look at National Geographic kids website for information about the parts of the earth

  1. Label globe sheet
  2. Make notes on Earth’s layers sheet

LO To understand plate tectonics

Watch this video about plate tectonics

3. Work in pairs to put together the tectonic jigsaw



4. Plate tectonic activity table



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Windy Week 3

21/09/2018 at 17:21


We’ve come to the end of another great week in 6H!


Unfortunately, our sailing trip was cancelled by the staff at Yeadon Tarn due to dangerously high winds. We agree that it was the right decision. Our trip has been rescheduled for Friday 28th September (next Friday).



  1. Maths homework: Due on Tuesday 25th September
  2. Reading Comprehension: Due on Wednesday 26th September (Please go through it with your child before returning it to school)
  3. Spelling Part 1: -able/-ible spelling pattern. Please practise the words and complete the activity.(Please check it before returning it to school)
  4. Spelling Part 2: Some children have not yet achieved 75% correct on the Year 3/4 word list. These children have been given an additional spelling booklet to work on at home. They should work on the booklet at least twice/week. It may count towards Extreme Learning. We will retest these words in early November.


This week, we continued our map work linked to Kensuke’s Kingdom. In pairs, we worked out where in the Pacific Ocean we thought Michael had gone overboard.  We had an excellent discussion about the many, many islands and what they were like using Google Earth to help us. The children each chose a group of islands and researched the wildlife, plantlife, culture, land formations and climate. We are building up a picture of what it must have been like for Michael to be stranded in the Pacific. Today, we looked at the many symbols of the Pacific island cultures and had a go at designing our own. I’ll post some photos once they are finished. Click on the link below to see the powerpoint of designs. Can you create some at home?

pacific art work



This week, we have worked on a variety of skills: Year 3/4 spelling words, reading strategies and a review of passive voice (Can the children spot the three passive sentences in this blog post?)


Have a good weekend!

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Charlotte on Leeds TV

15/09/2018 at 08:10


There are only a few days left to vote for Leeds Children’s Mayor candidate, Charlotte from Farsley Farfield Primary School.  This week, she was interviewed by Leeds TV and given a chance to talk about her campaign to make musical opportunities more accessible for all children in Leeds. Two news reports were created. Please watch and then come back to this page to vote below.

To vote, go to: https://breezeleeds.org/have-your-say/leeds-childrens-mayor

Voting closes at 5 p.m. on Wednesday 19th September 2018

Anyone age 18 or under who lives or attends school in Leeds may vote.

Leeds TV: Could this be the next children’s mayor?
Leeds TV: Leeds Votes for New Children’s Mayor
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Working Hard in Year 6

14/09/2018 at 15:57


What a great second week of school! Everyone in 6H has been working hard and settling in well. There will be a post about 6H each week full of important information. It would really help us to gauge how many families read our posts if you could click the “thumbs up” at the top of the post once you’ve read it.


Farsley Farfield’s candidate for Leeds Children’s Mayor, Charlotte (6S), has been interviewed by Leeds TV this morning. A feature about her campaign will be aired tonight between 5pm and 7pm (we don’t know the exact time). It will be on channel 7 (Freeview), 117 (Sky), 159 (Virgin).  Charlotte would really appreciate it if everyone from Farfield could do one last push for her campaign this weekend and ask everyone they know to vote for her. It would be especially helpful if any older siblings could share the details about her campaign and the voting website with their friends on social media. Thank you!


This week in Literacy, we continued reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and have now revised all of the key question types. Everyone has Reading Comprehension Homework this week. It is due on Wednesday 26th September. Please spend some time going through the questions with your child after she/he has completed them. It is better to make corrections while the text is fresh in their minds than two weeks later.


The class have also completed their first piece of independent writing – a character description of a character from Moana. I am looking forward to seeing what skills they have and identifying our first set of writing targets.


Next week, the class will be having a test on the Year 3/4 Spelling list. Please encourage your child to revise these words over the weekend.


In Geography, we have continued with our mapping skills. Linked to our class text of Kensuke’s Kingdom, we plotted the main character’s sailing journey and tried to work out where he went overboard.


Next Friday is our sailing trip. Children should bring the following items to school for the trip:

* Wear PE kit

* Wear shoes that may get wet

* Bring a small backpack or bag containing:

o Spare clothing to change into if clothing is wet from the boat (including underwear)

o Rain jacket

o Piece of fruit for morning snack

o Bottle of water

o Healthy packed lunch (If your child receives free school meals and you would like the kitchen to provide a packed lunch, please let us know.)


Many children said they enjoyed their visit to the Crawshaw Open Evening last night. The next local Open Evening is Tuesday 18th September at Priesthorpe.  Please try to visit as many high schools as possible to help inform your choices.


Have a great weekend!

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