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6CH Maths w/e 18th November 2016

18/11/2016 at 14:16


In maths this week we have been finding common multiples to express fractions in the same denomination. This objective was to enable the children to become more ‘fluent’ at:

  • finding equivalent fractions
  • comparing the size of fractions

We then used these fluency skills when reasoning and problem solving with fractions. Some examples of the types of questions we have been working on are below:

Next week we will:

  • Generate and describe linear number sequences (with fractions)
  • Add and subtract fractions with different denominations and mixed numbers, using the concept of equivalent fractions
  • Multiply simple pairs of proper fractions, writing the answer in its simplest form
  • Divide proper fractions by whole numbers

Homework has been handed out and is also below:

Fractions Homework 1 Fractions Homework 2

Have a good weekend

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12/11/2016 at 17:19


On Friday, we said good-bye to a very special member of our class who is moving to South Africa next week. We will miss her greatly and wish her every happiness and success for the future. We had a fun afternoon of craft and cake in her honour.



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We Will Remember Them

12/11/2016 at 17:14


It has been a very thoughtful week in Year 6. We have continued with our work on War Poetry, looking at the themes of “Why Wear a Poppy?” and “The Soldier.” The children have looked carefully at the poets’ word choices and thought about what exactly the poets were trying to tell us as readers.

On Friday, we took part in the KS2 Remembrance Assembly. This year, the focus was on what positive effects the First World War had on the world. We reflected on the new countries that were formed in the treaty following the end of the war, new rights for women and medical advances. Although the war was a terrible thing, people were able to make progress and advance their understanding of the world. There is always a lesson to be learned. The children in 6CH were incredibly respectful during the two minutes silence and took that time to personally reflect of everything they have been learning.

IMG_3812         IMG_3813

I was very impressed by the children’s presentations of the poem, “In Flanders Fields.” Everyone was very brave! They got into small groups and presented the poem for the rest of the class. Some groups chose to speak together while others took turns to speak.  Many children had memorised the entire poem and were beginning to use the tone, volume and intonation of their voices to add to the overall message of the poem.

We also spent some time finishing our own war poems. The class have worked so hard on these poems, taking them from first ideas based on the video “Canada’s One Hundred Days” through multiple drafts and editing to the final, beautiful versions. They worked in pairs to hold editing conferences and help each other to improve their writing. This is such an important skill to have.

In the afternoon, we enjoyed sewing our own felt poppies. This was a challenge for many children and an opportunity to work on our perseverance and self-belief. Everyone managed it in the end and are very proud of the final product. We hope these will be special poppies for many years to come.











IMG_3867 IMG_3847

IMG_3868 IMG_3849


IMG_3872 IMG_3854

IMG_3866 IMG_3870  IMG_3869

We ended the week with another Extreme Learning win – that’s two weeks in a row! Well done, 6CH! Let’s keep it up and see if we can be the half-term winners!



  1. Continue learning the Year 5/6 Spelling words
  2. Reading comprehension is due on Wednesday 23rd November


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6CH Maths w/e 11th November 2016

11/11/2016 at 15:20


It was lovely to meet with you this week at Parents’ Evening. I will be working on any actions or follow-up from our meeting in the next week or so.

There is not too much to report on in terms of maths covered this week. We had some problem solving work to finish off at the beginning of the week. On Tuesday, I gave the children a diagnostic test to assess what areas of fractions we need to work on in lessons. The assessments revealed that we need to focus our work in the following areas:

  • COMPARING FRACTIONS – including simplifying and ordering
  • + and – OF FRACTIONS
  • x and ÷ OF FRACTIONS
  • x and ÷ OF DECIMALS

As you can see, there are a number of objectives to cover and so the rest of this term is going to be busy.

On Wednesday, we spent some time simplifying fractions and the homework is related to this. I have included it below for your information; the second page of each document has the answers so the children might use these to assess themselves once they have completed the work.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Cooke

Fractions Homework 1

Homework 2a Homework 2b Homework 2c

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Experiencing the First World War

10/11/2016 at 16:06


On Wednesday afternoon, Year 6 had a session from Steven Jolly, a former teacher that takes groups around the battlefields of the First World War. Every child was fantastic ambassadors and he commented how impressed he was with the level of questioning, thinking skills and attempts to link together knowledge.

The children were introduced to the idea that the First World War was a collection of stories of the ordinary people who fought. They experienced this by examining genuine artefacts, which were found on the battlefields and identifying:

  • What they were made from
  • Their original purpose
  • Questions they wanted to ask to deepen their understanding

More photos on 6T Blog.

What made the session so special is the local stories Steven spoke about to really help the children understand that these were local people who experienced daily lives similar to our own thrust into a truly unpleasant experiences.

As a teacher, who is passionate about history, I am incredibly proud of each and every one of them.

Mr Tiffany

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Mr Cooke Maths w/e 4th November 2016

06/11/2016 at 07:19


In maths this week we have covered the following:

  • mental calculation strategies
  • identifying factors of numbers including highest common factors of two numbers
  • identifying prime numbers up to 50
  • order of operations when calculating

Here are some examples of the types of questions that the children have encountered:

To help with the work on order of operations, we watched a video from a programme called Math Antics. Click the icon below to view this video.

Math Antics

Homework has been set and is below:

Homework 1 Homework 2

Next week we will be working on the following:


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