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Wednesday 13th May 2020

13/05/2020 at 06:00


Good morning everyone and I hope you are all well. It has been a busy week so far and the children have already completed lots of assignments well.

Today’s learning:

  • Maths activity (Due today)
  • Geography Trading (Due Thursday)
  • Science (Parts of the circulatory system, due Thursday)

Please do let me know if you are having any difficulties with the assignments set and we can arrange a phone call or Google Meet to assist.

I just wanted to remind you all of the wonderful mindfulness and relaxation activities on Farfield’s website. These are fantastic and can be used by all of the family. Please send in some videos or comments if you do get chance to try these.


Take care,

Miss Jones

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Monday 10th May 2020

11/05/2020 at 08:00


Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday weekend in the sunshine.

This week the children will be starting work on the new paper packs they received. There are a number of different activities in the packs and I have detailed on Google Classroom which assignments they need to complete. If there are any problems with the packs or you seem to be missing any work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will get them to you. I have put pdf copies of the worksheets in the assignments so that children can look at these and make sure they are completing the correct task.

Today’s learning:

• Maths task (new packs and due today)
• Reading comprehension – circulation (from paper packs due tomorrow)
• Science – organ matching and labelling ( Paper packs – Due today)

We will be hopefully having a Google Meet session tomorrow morning (Tuesday) @11am. I will confirm this with the children via Google classroom tomorrow morning.
Photo challenge update: I am still deciding on a winning picture and may need some assistance in picking. Winner will be announced this week!

We had some lovely window art work submitted for VE day. Here is the children work and I hope you enjoyed their creations on the bank holiday.

Many thanks and take care,

Miss Jones

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Showcase Friday

08/05/2020 at 13:40


Another amazing week of online learning from 6J. I am so proud of the effort and enthusiasm you are all putting in – even though some of you admitted to me that you don’t read my blogs! We have had many activities this week, Jedi writing, PE, Art with Rob, French days of the week, angles in maths and even a photography challenge.

Draw with Rob

This week I gave the children the option of drawing a racing car or a flock of sheep. We had a range of both tasks and the sketches are amazing. Well done everyone.


The children also took part in some Jedi PE training earlier in the week – the feedback was positive and they seemed to really enjoy it. I also set an agility and footwork activity which was well received.


We also completed a piece of descriptive writing all about the Jakku desert. The children really enjoyed this and I was impressed with the quality of work submitted. They watched the video below and used this to structure their journey through the land.

Shocked and bewilder, I mounted my speeder and set off to zoom through the dry, dusty land before my eyes. To explore my home land of Jakku. It’s been years since i came to the desert of Jakku. Memories from when I was a child but a lot has changed since then. Scatters of battleships over the sandy landscape, the remains of the last epic showdown. Pell-melling through the arenicolous dunes, desperately looking for any sign of life but all was silent. Searching through the rusty battleships- from decades of years ago- two angry Jawas raced over waving their arms furiously. Obviously they thought that I was trying to scavenge quickly to sell the remains of the broken down battleship. Peering my head over, a bright luminous glow crawled around the rusty brown engine. Confusingly I toasted back the pieces to find a huge imperial star. Could this be the one? Could this be the Gala star?   
By Lauren

The Jakku desert is a wasteland that carries along all the war scraps since the Jakku war. Gigantchwan Stardestroyer towers over the citizens of the planet. The two small moons of Jakku are peaking over the sand mountains making everyone so thirsty because it looks like it’s running with rivers . The scorching gritty sand makes the survival rates here drop like flies. They say there used to be trees here. Now trees are so scares, there is literally none.  Tie fighters were everywhere with all the dead, mummified bodies inside. The beams of light run inside the bonding of every door, wall and ceiling. The two acres of ship were all off line. It is a wasteland. By Lucas

Gliding through  the remaining battle grounds, sand flew back towards my eyes as my young planet emerged in the distance. It was peculiar to be back here on my birth planet (Jakku Desert) but desperate to succeed I continued on my search. I had come so far now I did not have a second to lose, I set the Landspeeder to full capacity and drove towards the decaying star-ship. The silver star-ship was rusted over from the water and you could scarcely see the titanium door. I hurled myself out of the Landspeeder scanning for any sign of forms of life but no hope. Vigorously, I assaulted the now dented door and broke in; food and weapons were thrown everywhere it had clearly been raided. Further in, a raider lay broken on the weapon cabinet full of red lightsabers  and a blue-ish light was defeated covered in flames I placed it in my hands the light appeared glistening brighter than before (a sought of power source had entered my body). Raiders hovered by, believing I had killed their own they waved their arms. By Serena

Well done everyone – some fabulous pieces of writing.

Bank Holiday Quiz

Last but not least we held a 6J Bank Holiday Quiz. There was lots of laughter and I think it is safe to say we all had a really good time. The winners of the quiz were Daisy and Daniel – well done!

I hope you all enjoy the glorious weather over the bank holiday weekend.

Miss Jones

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Wednesday 6th May 2020

06/05/2020 at 08:00


Good morning all. The children have started the week off well and have produced some great pieces of work – keep it up. I am holding a Google Meet session this morning @11 am to discuss the maths topics so far this week.

I am also holding a further Google meet session on Friday morning @10:15 where the children have requested a quiz. Now I have never been ‘quiz master’ before but I am looking forward to it. All they need is a pen and paper.
Today’s tasks are:

  • Maths task
  • French days of the week
  • VE day window Art
  • SPaG challenge – active and passive voice

I have also been setting the children a riddle each day.

Riddle of the day: Where can you find cities, towns, shops, and streets but no people?

Have a lovely day and it looks like the weather is picking back up.

Take care and keep smiling!

Miss Jones

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Monday 4th May 2020

04/05/2020 at 08:00


Good Morning. I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend and are ready to start the new week. The children worked very hard last week and produced some excellent work which can be seen on the previous blog. Keep up the great work. I will be holding a Google Meet session today @2pm. I would love to see all of the children there.

You should have received your new work packs for the coming weeks. I will post on Google Classroom when the children will need to do the tasks. The maths activities are still currently from the previous packs given.

Today’s learning activities are:

  • Star Wars writing task
  • Maths task
  • Photography challenge
  • PE

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any support with anything.

Many thanks,

Miss Jones

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6J Showcase!

01/05/2020 at 15:15


Here is a showcase of the fantastic work submitted this week! Please keep these coming, it is lovely to see all of the hard work you are putting into your home learning activities!

2.6 Challenge

You may have heard of the 2.6 Challenge, which has been set up to support charities who have lost billions of pounds following the cancellation of fundraising events such as the London Marathon due to coronavirus. To take part in the 2.6 Challenge (named because the London Marathon is just over 26 miles long and was due to take place on the 26th of April this year) you must complete any physical activity you like that involves the numbers 2.6 or 26 (or even 260!). The children responded fantastically and here are some of the activities.

George W with 26 squats
Jacob E with 26 star jumps on the 26th min of every hour
Lucas with 260 flips on the trampoline

A huge well done to all of the children who took part. After lots of deliberation, I have decided that Jacob E is the winner and I will make a donation to a charity of his choice. Well done Jacob.

Creative writing task – The children were asked to continue the story about a creature from the deep. They worked really hard and impressed with their use of vocabulary.

Fear gripping my heart, I ran as fast as I could. Only the midnight stars would tell if I survived – and if they’d told me, I wouldn’t have been pleased. As I darted away, I noticed a thick, oozing tentacle rip a door of a nearby house. At that moment, I knew I had no choice.

Squinting in the little light, I noticed a fishing net propped next to a curious sheet of rubber on the wall. Confused, I studied the sheet. It was crinkled, as if it had been blown up. Then I realised…

It was a raft!

With help from my overriding anxiety, I managed to inflate the raft. When I dashed back outside, I was hunched with the force of the rain. It was as if the huge cephalopod was controlling it. However, as I reached the water’s edge, I lost my balance, dropped the raft and plunged into the icy waves.As the sky lit up above me, I was sure the bolt would destroy me, I was snatched away by someone.. Or something. – Harry

Once there were no more remaining people on the streets, a fearless soldier named Sergeant Ben Paul needed time to act. He gathered his men from all over the country who he had fought with in previous battles against creatures, but not like this one. His troops arrived the next day, ready for battle. They sharpened swords, loaded guns and built armor. After breakfast, all the men climbed into trucks, army jets and big ocean boats armed to the teeth with missiles. Sergeant Ben Paul loaded his assault rifle and climbed into his truck with four other men. Two were in the front and two were on the back of the vehicle holding onto small ladders, with their pistols at the ready. This would be the battle of their lives. The city was counting on them to save them. 

Once they’d arrived, they saw the sea monster climbing a tall building. The soldiers in the jet planes began firing missiles. Then, the Sergeant threw a rope on one of its tentacles and climbed up to its face. After he’d climbed up, he started shooting it. Suddenly, one of the jet’s missiles, hit him and the Sergeant fell off. The lower he got the faster he fell. Then, BOOSH! He hit the floor. In anger the monster started lashing out, smacking all the jets, stomping on all the trucks and finally earning its victory… – Joseph

Coordination Games – The children were challenged with some coordination and ball games this week. It looks like they had great fun and lots of giggles along the way.


And last but not least, musical talents! The children were tasked with providing evidence of their musical talents and they did not disappoint. We had some singing, instrument skills and lots of song writing. A huge well done to everyone.


A huge well done to everyone this week!

Take care,

Miss Jones

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