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A busy week

19/09/2020 at 10:26


We have been working really hard this week on our writing and the children impressed me with their imagination and skills. The activity was to put yourself into the main characters shoes and write your very own ships log. We started by reading the ship’s logs from Kensuke’s Kingdom to gather some ideas and inspiration. Following this, we discussed the range of emotions which Michael felt during his ships logs and how we could incorporate this into our own. The children worked very hard and their were some very interesting journeys!

We have also been exploring ordering and comparing numbers in maths, naming and locating the continents and oceans in geography, and completed some watercolour paintings to represent the waves in Kensuke’s Kingdom.

P.E choices will start next Tuesday: children should have brought home a letter with them today.

I was very impressed with the children’s effort with extreme learning and I hope that this can continue throughout the year. Well done 6J!

Three homework tasks were set today:

  • Spelling – -able and -ible words. Due on Wednesday 23rd September.
  • Maths – ordering and comparing numbers. Due on Wednesday 23rd September.
  • Learning Log – Branching databases. Due on Wednesday 30th September.

My two special mentions this week were Tom and Kieran! Well done boys and keep up the hard work.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!

Miss Jones

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First week of Year 6

11/09/2020 at 16:13


It was an absolute delight to have the children back in school this week after such a long time at home. They have all settled really well into Year 6 and although they are a little tired, they all worked really hard to impress.

We have been ensuring we have good hand hygiene and ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ this week. The children have managed really well with this and I am impressed with their maturity and attitude towards the ‘new normal’. Some children have brought in their own little bottle of hand gel and a small packet of tissues which they have kept on their desk – this is absolutely fine and has worked well but we also have plenty in school.


This week we have began work on our place value unit. The children have been working with numbers up to 10 million and I have been impressed with their efforts so far. This weeks homework involves them developing reading and writing these size numbers further. You will also need to use a die – if you don’t have one there are lots of online tools available.


This week we have started to read our Autumn class text – Kensuke’s Kingdom. It has already given us lots of ups and downs and a whole host of emotions and we are only at chapter 4! We had the opportunity to carry out some hot seating and I was very impressed with the answers given by the children in the hot seat and also the questions asked by the rest of the children. They had really thought carefully about the information they had been provided with in the text to construct their answers. I am looking forward to getting started on chapter 4 next week.


We have started our classification work and the children were very engaged in the learning. We used branch databases to classify fish into categories based on their similarities and differences. Here are some pictures showing the results.

We held our very first online special mention assembly this week and it went really well. The children enjoyed it and were still able to celebrate all of the hard work from the week. My two special mentions for this week are pictured below. Well done!

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Jones

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Leavers 2020

17/07/2020 at 15:42


What a roller coaster of a year 2020 has been. I know that this is not the ending most of you had imagined but I hope that you have enjoyed your final days as much as possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the parents, carers and children for their hard work and on-going support. We have been a great home/school team as we strive to do our best for the children. Also, thank you for the very kind cards and gifts I have received over the past few days. I really appreciate them all.

We were able to hold a small celebration assembly where the children had the opportunity to reminisce on their time at Farfield and Mr Harris shared some words of wisdom for the future. Each child received their year book and a certificate to celebrate all of their achievements over the years.

The winners of the Farfield Child awards really personify what the Farfield spirit is all about. These children have consistently shown dedication, resilience, positivity, kindness and a strong understanding of our school learning hive. They have a spirit of adventure and don’t mind getting muddy! They have become role models across the school and active citizens both in the school and wider community.

A huge well done to Daniel Barratt and Laura Walton.

To the children, I would like to wish you well as you move on to your next adventure with a reminder that you take the spirit of Farfield with you always. Never forget that you will forever be a Farfield Child and all of us here are cheering you on every step of the way. You can be anything you want to be!

I will be leaving Google Classroom open so that the children can continue to communicate with me and their peers for a little while – we may even have a little Google Meet over the summer. There is a lovely leavers video link in the email sent for you to watch. I hope that you enjoy listening to all of the memories of Farfield.

Take care and best wishes for the future,

Miss Jones

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Welcome Year 6!

03/07/2020 at 08:50


Hello 5W, soon to be 6J. I hope that you are well, working hard at home and are eager to get back into school. I am really excited to be teaching you all in September.

Here is a photo of me – even though you have all seen me around school.

We are going to be working in the current 6S classroom which is a great space. There is lots of room to complete activities, a lovely outdoor space and even air conditioning to keep us cool down on hot days. Below is a picture so that you have an idea of what the room will look like.

In Year 6 we will cover lots of exciting topics including Kensuke’s Kingdom where we will learn about a young boy stranded on a deserted island, World War One and the fabulous contribution of Farsley Farfield and the Industrial Revolution where Leeds prospered. In Science, we will explore Darwin’s theory of evolution and look into the details of his early life before embarking on the HMS Beagle. Another highlight in Science is the growing of microorganisms. We often get some weird and wonderful coloured mould growing on the bread slices!

I am really looking forward to seeing you all during the Google Meet on Thursday 9th July @4 pm or 4:30 pm. Your parents will have received an email letting you know which time to attend. Please do not worry if you are unable to attend, send me an email and we will arrange something.

[email protected]

Many thanks and please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss Jones

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A glorious week

23/06/2020 at 03:02


This week we have been blessed with some beautiful weather and spent lots of time enjoying our amazing school grounds.

We spent some time working on our artistic skills this week and the children produced some lovely drawings. I was very impressed with their creativity!

We also completed our Harris Burdick stories this week and we have selected a few for you to enjoy. All of the children worked very hard on their writing.

Not knowing what was coming

One gloomy day, a girl called Sarah, who was very pretty, wanted to find a book. She visited a run down book store. Every book was yellow and dusty from old age. Then, out of the corner of her eye, there stood a thick jet-black book. As quick as a flash she grabbed the book and skimmed through every page to see if it was the book for her. Suddenly, without hesitation, she went up to the counter and bought it. The man said “You can have the book but don’t turn to the middle page”. She skipped back to her house not knowing what she had got herself into.

As soon as she got home, she told all her family about this amazing book. Then without doing anything else, she ran up to her bedroom and turned page by page. She was so intrigued by the book so every night she would read twenty pages. She was getting closer and closer to the middle page. But she didn’t listen and she turned to the page gasping her breath as she turned. She found a tiny seed on the page and laughed “Is that it?”. She continued reading the book.

Suddenly, the seed shot up from out of the book and down her throat. It grew inside of her and wrapped around her organs. Her parents heard a bang from her bedroom so they dashed up the stairs. They opened the bedroom door and saw their daughter tied up with lots of green sticky vines all over her. Her parents were trying to get her free but then a woodland vine creature grabbed them and sucked them to the walls. Then, without warning, three sharp deadly thorns shot out and it all went silent . . .  

Jacob P

The room was in complete darkness. Cautiously, he pulled the light switch and  the brightness  illuminated and flooded the room. Edging forwards, each floorboard creaked under his weight. The rats rustled in the newspaper in front of his eyes then above his head there hung a ticking clock chiming every  minute. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the old musty carpet rolled up collecting dust. Without warning, a high pitched evil laugh echoed from behind the door. Mr P looked behind him and grabbed the newly sharpened ice-skating boot. Suddenly, a massive axe was smashed through the rotten wooden door. Mr P quickly ran up stairs and slammed his bedroom door shut. Without hesitation, he dragged every piece of furniture and laid it across his door so it was nearly impossible to get in. “Hello,” Mr P whispered with fear.

“HeGo” Mr P’s heart raced, he had never heard such language. He peeked his eye around and there stood a green, muscly goblin searching around carrying a sharpened axe over his shoulder. Without warning, the green goblin charged at the door, BASH he barged into the door and Mr P just stared “GiMmE yOur gOoDs”, Mr P  replied “NEVER!” so the creature held out his hand with anger and shouted  “GIMME.”  AS quick as a flash, the ugly goblin snatched the jewel out of Mr P’s shaking hands and ran away never to be seen again.

Max H

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Miss Jones

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Another great week

12/06/2020 at 14:40


We have not been as blessed with the weather this week but this hasn’t dampened the children’s spirits. They have continued to work hard and produce some lovely work.


This week we have started a new unit of work looking at ‘The mysteries of Harris Burdick. The children were intrigued by the pictures and came up with lots of exciting ideas and plots to accompany the pictures.

This week we have particularly focused on ‘Uninvited Guests’.

His heart was pounding.
He was sure he had seen the doorknob turn.

The children came up with some fantastic story openers and will develop these further next week.

PSHE – Black Lives Matter

We have also started to complete some work linked to the Black Lives Matter protests which are currently taking place around the world. We have explored influential black people from history and discussed the recent events. The children are working hard to collate their ideas to produce an informative poster all about the people they have learnt about. We will complete these next week and post them on the blog.

I hope that you have an enjoyable weekend,

Miss Jones

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