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New Topic – The Romans

11/05/2017 at 20:36


Next week, we start our next topic of the year titled: What the Romans did for us.

What would you like to learn about?

Comment with requests and any great sources of information that you can find.

If you have any Roman books at home, hold on to them for now but we will make use of them later in the term.

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Well done, 6CH!

11/05/2017 at 17:01


The Year 6 children have worked incredibly hard this week! We have been so impressed with their positive attitudes and determination. Every single one of them should feel happy and proud of what they have achieved.

This afternoon, we had a great time outside playing together. The sun shone and everyone had fun.

There is no homework this week. We would like everyone to rest and regain their energy. There is still work to be done this term. Over the next few weeks, we will be continuing with our focus on writing; the teacher assessment date is 22nd June… but for now, let’s celebrate our success and feel proud!

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6CH Maths w/e 5th May 2017

05/05/2017 at 16:40


This week we have revised the following areas of maths:

  • Shape and space
  • Number sequences
  • Negative numbers
  • Number operations
  • Arithmetic methods

The children have completed past paper questions as well as questions from their CGP books. They have worked hard and made the most of every minute.

Below are some work examples from this week:

Homework this weekend is very open ended. I have suggested that the children do some more CGP work but that there is no minimum expectation. I will not be collecting the books in so this work is to be managed by the children.

Have a good weekend.


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We’re Ready

05/05/2017 at 15:34


We’ve made it to the end of this week and we are ready for our SATs next week.


  • Bring a piece of fruit and a bottle of water each day
  • Be on time for school. Leave a little bit earlier if necessary
  • Go to bed early
  • Eat healthy foods

We have not set any specific homework for this week but there are little bits of revision the children may choose to do – either in their revision books or from the spelling power point. There is, of course, the big list of activities we sent last week too.

The 6CH team have written a letter to the children which they should bring home tonight.

Dear 6CH,


Next week, you will take your SATs tests for Reading, Grammar, Spelling and Maths. We know how hard you have worked but there is something very important that you must know.


The SATs tests do not assess all of what makes each of you special and unique. The people who create and score these tests do not know you the way we do and certainly not in the way your families know you.


They do not know how some of you love to draw and create new characters. They have not seen your amazing talents for dancing, gymnastics and singing. They do not know that you are fantastic at magic tricks and computer games. They do not know the incredible talents some of you have in all of your different sports. They do not know that you are a class who cares for each other better than any other class we have ever met. They do not know that you look out for each other, make each other laugh, carry each other through tough times and cheer for each other in good times. They do not know that you are kind, trustworthy and thoughtful and that every day you try to be your very best.


The scores you get on these tests will tell you something but it will not tell you everything. You will have been successful because you have worked hard to prepare and you have tried your best. We are so proud of every one of you already. There is no “test” to see how amazing you are – we already know it.


This weekend, make sure your rest, relax, be positive and have some fun. We know you are going to shine!


Good luck,

Mrs Heap, Mr Cooke & Mrs Carney

Your 6CH Team

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Homonym Hunt

04/05/2017 at 17:10


This afternoon, 6CH enjoyed a very active revision session searching for homonyms around school. We used the questions the children created themselves in their Learning Log homework to make a treasure hunt game – some of the questions were really tricky! Can you think of any other homonym sentence pairs?

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Nearly there and still in high spirits!

28/04/2017 at 13:58


We’ve had another fantastic week in 6CH. The children have worked very hard and have completed a lot of great revision.

In Literacy, we have been focusing on spelling, grammar and reading comprehension. This week, we have particular focused on:

  • words with -ant/-ent endings
  • identifying conjunctions and subordinate clauses
  • active and passive voice
  • features of poetry
  • meaning of words in context

Today, we tried arranging the tables the way they will need to be for our tests. Everyone thought about where they would like to sit and we came up with a seating plan where everyone is comfortable. The children commented on how it helped them to know what to expect and they liked being able to get used to it ahead of time.

Homework for this week is not due until Monday 8th May.

We would like the children to spend a short amount of time in their revision books each day and then choose from the following list. Tick them off as they are achieved and return the list to school.

Children need to bring the revision books to school every day next week as we will be using them.


Maths = p.70-74 and other target areas

English = target areas

  • Read a good book
  • Go for a walk with your family
  • Eat your favourite meal
  • Rest – go to bed a bit earlier each night
  • Have a movie night with your family
  • Visit a relative or family friend
  • Play at a playground
  • Listen to music
  • Play a sport
  • Stretch – Do some gymnastics, dance, yoga…
  • Go on a bike/scooter ride
  • Go for a swim
  • Cook or make something
  • Sing or make music

We hope you have a lovely, long weekend!

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