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Important End of Year Dates

06/07/2019 at 10:19


Important Year 6 Dates July 2019

Leavers’ Party & Disco

The Year 6 Leavers’ Party & Disco will take place on Monday 8th July. Before the disco, all Year 6 children are invited to gather in 6S for a “bring and share” party tea. The children will eat together and have an opportunity to go out on to the playground before the disco starts. Children should arrive at 6:15 pm with their food contribution. The children have each been allocated a food item to bring in for the party. They should come up the farm track and enter the school through the 6S fire door. Tickets for the disco will be £2.50 (to be paid in advance). Mrs Walton has sent out a separate letter about the disco tickets.


SATs Results

School will receive the Year 6 SATs results on Tuesday 9th July. We then need to spend a few days checking them. On Friday 12th July, we will be speaking to children individually to share their results with them. The results will also be sent home to parents/carers that day. |We found this worked well last year – the children had a greater understanding of their SATs results and what they meant for them as well as how the results compared to the level at which they had been working throughout the school year. However, if you have any concerns about this please do not hesitate to contact us beforehand at school. Please also note that if you would like to come into school at the end of the day on Friday 12th July to chat about results, Mr. Sharp and Mrs. Heap will be in their classrooms until about 4:00.


Leavers’ Show

The Year 6 Leavers’ Show will take place on Wednesday 17th July. Children should arrive at 6:30pm for a 7:00 start and go to their classrooms. Parents/carers may take their seats once they drop of their children. Children should arrive in their school uniform – we will speak to children who need a different costume.

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The warm weather has arrived!

28/06/2019 at 15:35


Year 6 has had another busy week of Leavers’ activities. Everyone is working hard.

Homework this weekend:

  1. Enjoy the nice weather!
  2. Think about your Leavers’ Show song. Watch dance videos on the computer and think about moves that will fit your song. We will be planning the dances next week!
  3. Start to plan your costume for the show.

Props: We need a big appliance box. If you have one, please let us know.

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Leavers’ Show Rehearsals

21/06/2019 at 16:53


This week, we started our very exciting Leavers’ Show rehearsals. The children have been working very hard to create something special for you!

They were given their scripts yesterday and homework for this weekend is to start learning their parts. They may also want to start thinking of actions for their song and what clothing/costume they need to wear. Most children will be in school uniform but some will need a specific costume. We’ll work together to find something appropriate.

To start with, does anyone have a long, white, bride/prom type dress and three coloured bridesmaid/prom dresses in size 6-8ish we could borrow please?


As a part of our Leavers’ surprises, we also need a “First Day of Reception” photo for every child in Year 6. If you don’t have a specific first day of school photo, any photo around age 4-6 would be suitable. Please email it to school if possible or send in the actual photo which we will scan and return to you.

[email protected]

Thank you!


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6H have the S Factor!

18/06/2019 at 15:49


Today we held our S factor auditions. I was blown away by the quality of every entry! The children had put is so much effort and research. It was wonderful to see the ‘wow’ factor appear on everyone’s faces as the experiments unfolded. Thank you to everyone for your effort and participation. We learned: how the hand works; how blood clots are formed; how to perform magic with air; how to understand erosion with sweets!; how to make colourful rain; how to make bubbles bounce and how to make bubbles within bubbles within bubbles! Amazing! 6H have the S Factor!

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Outstanding Story Writing

14/06/2019 at 16:09


This week, the Year 6 children have really enjoyed writing extended stories. We split into two groups – half with Mr Sharp and half with Mrs Heap – so every child could work on achieving their personal writing targets.

In Mrs Heap’s group, the children were treated to a wonderfully creepy Literacy Shed film, “Alma”. In this short animation, a young girl finds herself in the most unusual toy shop. The children were challenged to write the story of the girl by building suspense and creating clear shifts in atmosphere. They rose to the challenge and wrote some brilliant stories! I am really looking forward to reading them all! I will share some on the blog next week. Click on the photo below to watch the film, if you dare…

Image result for alma literacy shed


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6H residential – day 3

07/06/2019 at 16:39


Another great night from all the children.  Most didn’t surface until after 7.15 this morning.  We had a wonderful cooked breakfast before beginning our activities.

Our final day involved rock climbing and OAA.  We split into 2 groups with half climbing up the side of the gorge and half orienteering.

All the children had a go at rock climbing, working well to support each other and work as a team.  Many children got to the top.  Emelia, Charley, Paige, Dev and Laura were like little spider monkeys!

For the orienteering, the children split into groups of 3 and went searching for clues along the woodland paths at the side of the gorge.  Everyone loved the woodland theme as they entered the wardrobe into Narnia.  All the clues were found and a successful morning was had.

We then had lunch, packed up and got on the bus to come home – just as it started raining.  Perfect timing!

We hope your children have a lovely restful weekend after making some wonderful memories.


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