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Maths this week

Wednesday 4th October | 1 comment

In maths this week we spent some time revising and extending our knowledge of Roman numerals. We thought of ways that we still use them today – clocks, house numbers, film dates – to understand their relevance to us. The main rule to stick to is not to repeat the same letter more than three times in a row so that while 38 = XXXVIII 39 is NOT XXXVIIII but XLIX!

We have converted our Arabic numbers to Roman numerals and vice versa, we have ordered Roman numerals, we have counted in steps of 100 and steps of 500 and we have done some simple sums. Some children did a Roman numerals times tables puzzle shown below.

Homework is about this and the questions become progressively harder so don’t worry if every question cannot be completed. Just have a go!

Bikeability meant that maths was a little disrupted but everyone managed to complete some solving problems work on whiteboards in groups. This work will be continued next week.

One response to “Maths this week”

  1. Geethanjali' s Mum says:

    Roman Numerals are really tricky.I actually thought 39 was written as XXXIX and XLIX would make 49.I may be wrong!

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