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How to Use Your Year 6 Planner

Friday 15th September | 5 comments

The children in Year 6 were very excited to receive their new Year 6 planners this afternoon!

These will now take the place of the Extreme Learning reading records and will also be used to keep track of homework and other important dates. Children must bring these to school everyday.

Parents/carers should sign the planners at the bottom of each day for any reading/maths activities that count towards Extreme Learning. The weekend activities can be written and signed in the “Notes” section on the bottom right.

Over the weekend, we would like the children to fill in the front information page with support from their parents/carers. They may also fill in the timetable and activities pages. There are copies of the weekly timetable at school which children may borrow to help them fill in the timetable page in their planner. They only need the “Week 1” page as our timetable stays the same each week.


5 responses to “How to Use Your Year 6 Planner”

  1. Geethanjali' s Mum says:

    Geethanjali loves her new planner and it’s already been updated with all the necessary information!Thanks to the Year 6 team for introducing such a handy tool to keep track of due dates and extreme learning all in one place.

  2. Marion Cole says:

    I used to use a similar journal to this when I was at school – such a good idea!

  3. Gabriel's mum says:

    This such a good idea! Thank you!

  4. Emma says:

    Colm didn’t come home with a planner??

    • KateHeap says:

      6S got back late from sailing and will be taking their planners home on Monday.

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