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CGP SATs Revision Books

Friday 9th February | No comments yet

The Year 6 children have each been given a set of 4 CGP Revision books to use in preparation for their SATs in May. They must look after their books and make sure they bring them to school everyday as we will be referring to them in lessons and they will have an opportunity to use them during their spare time in school. Children may complete any tasks they wish in the exercise books but some tasks will be set as homework over the next few months. These tasks are optional but we recommend the children make use of these books as much as possible. We ask that the children do not write in the textbooks.

*Parents & Carers, please mark the work in the Revision exercise book with your child and help them to go through any errors.

We will be collecting in the two textbooks (English and Maths) after SATs on Friday 18th May. The children may keep their exercise books.

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