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Victorian Britain

Friday 2nd February | No comments yet

Today the children worked in pairs to research and create a poster about one aspect of Victorian Britain. They used their note-taking skills and made decisions about what to include (and what to leave out). I think you’ll agree that the finished posters are eye-catching and informative!



Reading Comprehension – Due Wednesday 21st February.

Please go through the answers with your child and help him or her to correct any errors before bringing it back to school.


Poetry Slam – Friday 23rd February

Today the children chose their poems and took home more information about the Poetry Slam event. This included a copy of the assessment objectives and what they need to do to prepare for the day. Please encourage your child to start learning his/her poem right away to prevent last minute stress.


Spelling – Please keep practising the Year 5/6 word list (and the Year 3/4 word list if it applies to your child). We will be having our next assessment on these words next week – w/b 5th February.  Our class target words from the last assessment are: necessary, embarrass, twelfth, privilege & immediately. Please pay particular attention to these words. Our big Year 6 Spelling Bee will take place in early March so the Year 5/6 words definitely need to be learned by then.


SATs & Residential:

There will be a Year 6 parents’ meeting regarding SATs and residential on Wednesday 7th February 6:00-7:00 pm. We will be going through what will happen in the run-up to and during the test week and giving further details about the residential in June.


We hope you have a lovely weekend!

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