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The Industrial Revolution!

Friday 19th January | 2 comments

6H has been fascinated by the Industrial Revolution and the interesting people we have been studying. This week it has been Isambard Kingdom Brunel – an amazing engineer who left a lasting impression on the landscape of Britain.  We have worked together to write a biography about his life.

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Click here to watch a video about Brunel.


  1. Reading Comprehension – Due Thursday 1st February. Please go through the answers with your child and help him or her to correct any errors before bringing it back to school.
  2. 500 Word Story First Draft – Due Thursday 1st February. The children have planned two possible stories. They should choose the one they like the best and write their first draft. Ideally, these should be typed on a computer and emailed to Mrs Heap (kate.heap@farsleyfarfield.org.uk). We will improve these at school before submitting them to the competition.
  3. Spelling – Please keep practising the Year 5/6 word list (and the Year 3/4 word list if it applies to your child). We will be having our next assessment on these words w/b 5th February.  Our class target words from the last assessment are: necessary, embarrass, twelfth, privilege & immediately. Please pay particular attention to these words. Our big Year 6 Spelling Bee will take place in early March so the Year 5/6 words definitely need to be learned by then.


SATs & Residential:

There will be a Year 6 parents’ meeting regarding SATs and residential on Wednesday 7th February 6:00-7:00 pm. We will be going through what will happen in the run-up to and during the test week and giving further details about the residential in June.

2 responses to “The Industrial Revolution!”

  1. KateHeap says:

    This week we had two different sized toy train sets in 6H. We used them to help us understand why it was such a problem when Brunel decided to do things his own way – and it’s fun to play with trains!

  2. peterharris says:

    Brunel is a fascinating character and I read a book about him last year: I will bring it in. I also visited his great ship the SS Great Britain in Bristol and his unfinished (by him) suspension bridge high above the gorge at Clifton.

    One of the fascinating things about him is that he made lots of mistakes and he had some terrible failures but he kept learning and trying!

    Bizarrely, his ‘Great Western Railway’ between London and Bristol had a different gauge to the rest of the country and many years later had to be replaced. There is a reason that citizens agree shared standards…

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