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The Earth’s Crust – Plate Tectonics

Tuesday 3rd October | No comments yet

1. Write the date and learning objective in your Humanities book.

L.O. Understand the layers of the Earth and plate tectonics

2. Find out about the Earth’s crust. Look at this website.


3. Complete The Earth’s Crust sheet with the globe on it.

In each box, write the name of one of the layers and a few facts. Use bullet points and write small. When you are finished, stick it in your book.

4. Complete the diagram of the Earth’s surface with the volcano on it.

When you are finished, stick it in your book.

5. Watch a Brain Pop video about the Earth’s crust


6. Watch a video about plate tectonics


7. With a partner, complete the jigsaw activity. 

You need a jigsaw sheet, a sheet of plain A3 paper, 2 pairs of scissors and a glue stick.

When you’re finished, ask for your work to be photocopied so you can both stick it in your Humanities books. It will need to be trimmed a bit.

8. Complete the Tectonic Plate activity

You might need to watch the second video again to help you find the answers. When you are finished, stick it in your book.


Well done! Now have a think about what this has to do with earthquakes.

Why do some places have more earthquakes than others?

Why do earthquakes cause more damage in some places than others?

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