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Year 6 Writing – w/b 20th May

Friday 24th May | No comments yet

This week, we’ve done things a bit differently in our Literacy lessons. We mixed up the two classes so everyone could work on challenges that helped them to meet their individual writing targets.

In the 6S classroom, the children focused on Harry Potter. They wrote a report about an imaginary school, a setting description of their school and an atmospheric description of a magical shop. Everyone reported that they had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the sessions.

In the 6H classroom, the children focused on authors’ writing styles. They were challenged to write in the style of very different authors, changing their word choices, level of formality and sentence structure accordingly. On Wednesday, they wrote in the style of Lemony Snickett – very dark and serious. On Thursday, we changed the style completely and wrote in the style of Roald Dahl or Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson) – action packed and informal. Finally, on Friday, the children could chose their style and topic for some fantastic free writing.

We’re all looking forward to residential after half-term. We’ve spent some time talking through all of the activities and the children have been given another copy of the kit list. Everyone’s excited and ready to have a go at everything, showing off that Farfield attitude.

We hope everyone has a fantastic half-term holiday and comes back to school ready for the adventures of the final half-term of Year 6!

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