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Star Wars Day 2017

Friday 6th October | 5 comments

Episode VIII


There is unrest in the upper echelons of the education systems.

Dozens of law abiding pupils have declared their intentions to leave the Republic. They are kept fearfully imprisoned, however, by the voices of Gramma who has become the feared Lord of Farfield.

There are a group of elders within the realm who must tackle the voices head on. Will they be active in their quest or passive and allow Gramma’s tyrannical rule to continue?


We’ve had an absolutely fantastic Star Wars Day! All of the Year 6 children were fantastic participants in our Star Wars themed grammar day. Those who chose to dress up looked brilliant. Thank you to the parents and carers who helped with costumes. The home-made costumes were so creative!

Our day was split into 5 sessions, all based on using Active and Passive Voice in sentences. The children worked very hard and learned a lot.


We started the day with everyone together in the hall to identify the subject/verb/object in sentences and to learn how to change active sentences to passive. The children worked in small groups to create interesting sentences based on their costumes and practised moving the subjects and objects around to change the sentence type.


At 9:30, we split into three groups of about 20 children each. The groups participated in three 45 minute sessions.

  1. Making decisions about active and passive with Mrs Heap
  2. Sorting active and passive sentences and practising changing active to passive and passive to active with Mrs Carney.
  3. An active/passive card game and improving sentences with Mr Sharp.



The final activity was a writing challenge. The children were given 4 writing prompts to choose from including an Ewok story, describing one of Poe’s adventures, explaining how an X-Wing is built and describing how Han Solo escaped from the Star Destroyer.  They needed to use at least 5 passive sentences in their writing.

5 responses to “Star Wars Day 2017”

  1. Marion says:

    It looks like you all had a fantastic time.

    A grammar lesson to remember!

  2. Christine says:

    Looks like so much fun! Great outfits everyone and yes agreed love the creative teaching methods.

  3. Samantha dawes says:

    Such a great day for the kids. What a good way to learn.

  4. Nadine Armitage says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow….
    Everyone looked absolutely amazing in their star wars costumes. Excellent teaching methods used to make learning fun.
    Keep up the good work Year 6 ✔

  5. Marcia Hilton says:

    What a wonderful idea to bring grammar to life in this way! The children looked fantastic and George really enjoyed the day. Well done Farfield!

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