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Happy Half-term!

Friday 9th February | 3 comments

6H has worked incredibly hard this half-term and we are very proud of them. This week, we turned our attention to editing and publishing as we completed two major pieces of writing – our 500 Word Stories and Family Biographies. Everyone is really improving their green pen skills as they check spelling, correct punctuation and improve the content of what they have written.

Thank you to all of the parents and carers who attended our SATs and Residential meeting on Wednesday evening. It was great to see so many of you there and be able to share so much important information with you. If you were unable to attend, the information can all be found on the class blog.


CGP Revision Books:

English text book (purple book): Read page 2

English exercise book (white book): Complete pages 2-7

Maths exercise book (white book): Complete pages 62-65

Reading Comprehension – Due Wednesday 21st February.

Please go through the answers with your child and help him or her to correct any errors before bringing it back to school.

Poetry Slam – CHANGE OF DATE – Thursday 22nd February (as we are going on a trip to St John’s Church in Farsley on the 23rd)

Please encourage your child to start learning his/her poem right away to prevent last minute stress.

Spelling –  Our big Year 6 Spelling Bee will take place in early March so the keep practising Year 5/6 words.


We are having our own class 500 Word Story competition. I have selected three finalists. Please read them and comment on this blog post with your favourite. There will be a prize for the winner!


Kyle’s adventures

Hello, my name is Kyle. Everyday I go on holiday while my best pal James goes to school. Also, I am a dog and I am also a teddy-bear. I go to exotic places like Koh Samui, Maldives and Tanzania. So now, I’m going to tell you what a normal day is like.

Today I woke up with James and we brushed our teeth. Then, we went back into our bedroom and James got dressed (when he got naked, I turned away for obvious reasons). Next we had breakfast.   Because it was a Friday, we got a really nice treat. James, Tahlia (James’ sister), and I had Nutella on pancakes. They were so nice; me and James got Nutella everywhere. Tahlia thought it was disgusting. Probably because Mum and Dad say she’s going through a stage. Maybe a teenage thing? Once, we’d finished James and Tahlia went to school and Mum and Dad went to work.

Now, they’ve gone it’s time for another holiday. When this happens I cheer,” Woohoo”! Don’t get me wrong, I am very fond of James, but I’d prefer to be on holiday – wouldn’t you? Now, you may ask, how do I decide which destination is on the agenda today? Well, I will share my secret…I go into the family library and find the Lonely Planet guide called ‘Where to go when’. As it is February, I go into this month’s section and then I see which one looks the most appealing to me. Today I am choosing Hokkaido, Japan. Why, may you ask? Its ‘the northernmost of the country’s main islands – a wild, mountainous region with spectacular wildlife and a reputation for some of the finest powder snow on the planet’!

Have I mentioned I’m an expert snow boarding dude? I am the world record holder for the best teddy bear snow boarder! How do I know that? I am the ONLY teddy bear snow boarder in the world!

So you may ask. How do I manage to travel several thousand miles to a unique destination and back again all in one day (and before James gets home from school!)? Well I’d have thought that was obvious…I have a teleporting machine (clearly) which I invented all by myself.

In order to teleport myself to my destination. I select a unique book from the library which has an indented paw print just for me. Now I could share all the secret details with you (but it wouldn’t be a secret then would it!), so lets just say, the science works and I arrive in Hokkaido.

Hokkaido is incredible, the powder snow is outstanding, I fly down the slopes like a ninja, showing a few amateurs my snow and enjoy a hot chocolate in the mountain cafe before deciding it’s time to return home.

So, now for the science bit again….oops my paw is frozen…it’s not working! What am I going to do?




Phoenix relaxed in Covent Garden watching as the sunset cast its gorgeous crimson glow over the park.  Looking around, she saw a brand new bookshop.  The sign read ‘Benny’s Books’ and in the window in big, bold letters, it said SALE.  Who can resist a book sale?  ‘I might as well try it’, she thought.  Walking through the door, the only sound in the room was a bell that rang.

‘Hello’, she whispered awkwardly because of the silence.  No reply.  As she ventured further in, she could just see the top of an old man’s head behind a pile of books.  When he saw her, his face lit up. ‘Finally a customer’, he exclaimed.  ‘What are you looking for today, mam?’  ‘Do you mind if I just look around?’  ‘No.  I have a bit of everything, so if you just look inside, you’ll see it’.  ‘Thanks’.

After Phoenix had looked around, she was about to leave when a special-looking book caught her eye.  She opened it to see what kind it was. It read UNKNOWN.  Flicking through the pages, she realised that they were blank.  She had to get it as she was so curious.

The man didn’t seem as bouncy when he saw the book.  All the colour left him. ‘Believe me, you don’t want this book.  It’s evil!’ he said worriedly.

‘Please, I’ll look after it’.

‘No, you can’t!’  So when he wasn’t looking, she grabbed the book and ran out at sonic speed before he could stop her.

When Phoenix got home, she crept upstairs to her bedroom.  As she opened it, a slight unease fell on her and her world imploded.  She was lying in a grassy meadow, bright buttercups all around.  She wasn’t in her room and there was no doorway.  Where was she?

Out of nowhere, a girl appeared on a motorbike.  ‘Hello’, said the girl cautiously. ‘Who are you?’ Phoenix asked, slightly perplexed.  ‘We have to get out of here right now. Get on!’  As they rode, she explained everything.  ‘I’m Nora, sent to help you make it to the end of the story.  We need to hurry, the longer you’re here, the more you fade from the reality!’

‘How do I get back?’ Phoenix wailed.  ‘You have to break in there and write ‘THE END’ she pointed to a ginormous ornate door. They crept in Ninja-like, her hands trembling.  There stood a pen.  She had to write ‘The End’ to be free.  As she picked it up, a whole squad of burly men came in and attacked them!    As they started fighting, Phoenix realised that she was better at this than she thought.  Nora leant over and whispered ‘Go. Write it down Phoenix, forget about me.  Go!’

That was the last she heard from Nora, because just as suddenly as it happened, it was over.  She was back in her room.

‘Mum!’ she called.  The look of horror from her mum explained everything.  She had been in there too long



Ghost Town

It was another boring day in Billy’s bedroom where it was raining outside and the Wi-Fi connection was down. He was reading his book that he got yesterday. He wondered what other people were doing now.

It was dead quiet in the house until there was a creak downstairs. Billy knew his Mum and Dad weren’t home.  There was another creak but louder. Billy wanted to text his parents but his phone was not charged. He looked around the room but the charger wasn’t anywhere.  The boy decided to go downstairs and check what the creak was.

Now he heard the creak getting louder until he found himself at a small door leading to the ancient cellar. With tight fists and goose bumps, he opened the door nervously, getting ready to jump out of the way. He poked his head around the door frame then crept in with eyes wide open. He flicked the light switch on and looked around. As he crept down the stairs, Billy saw a small, ripped teddy bear with button eyes that were black as the night sky and an evil, menacing grin. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a colossal wooden door towering over the whole of the cellar. Billy put his shaky hand on the dusty doorknob and pushed it.

“Swoosh,” the door swung right open. “Woah!” whispered Billy with a shocked face. There was a massive building in front of him which looked like an abandoned church with broken, stained glass windows and a foggy grave yard next to it.  As he entered, he noticed a sign saying “Ghost Town” in blood. All of a sudden, he remembered the door and turned around but it wasn’t there. “OH NO!” Billy muttered to himself. He looked around to see what else there was and there was a long road with shops at each side with broken windows.

Billy started to walk to a shop until he heard a bang. It was coming from the graveyard. Billy quickly went into the shop running as fast as he could. He looked around and saw a shelf with jars saying flour. The boy wondered what he could do with the flour and thought that if he threw it where he heard a noise he could see where the ghosts were and run.

As he crept outside and ran to the graveyard where he had heard the noise. He peaked around the corner and saw a person in a black suit with a chainsaw talking to thin air. As soon as the man left, Billy ran straight to where he had been and threw the flour. “Aaaaarrr!” He had found a ghost. As quick as a flash, he ran away and saw a huge house. He recognised the door was the cellar door and ran even faster. Billy reached the door and dived straight through. He found himself on the cellar floor, the cellar floor of the Ghost Town house!

3 responses to “Happy Half-term!”

  1. Gabriel says:

    I really liked reading fading because of how mysterious it is and it makes me want to read more.

  2. Geethanjali says:

    Well done to everyone who got into the top three in our class! I especially liked fading because it is so mysterious and it was very interesting.

  3. Ondia says:

    I really like Ghost Town because of the scary vibes what shiver up me and I want read more!

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