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A glorious week

Tuesday 23rd June | No comments yet

This week we have been blessed with some beautiful weather and spent lots of time enjoying our amazing school grounds.

We spent some time working on our artistic skills this week and the children produced some lovely drawings. I was very impressed with their creativity!

We also completed our Harris Burdick stories this week and we have selected a few for you to enjoy. All of the children worked very hard on their writing.

Not knowing what was coming

One gloomy day, a girl called Sarah, who was very pretty, wanted to find a book. She visited a run down book store. Every book was yellow and dusty from old age. Then, out of the corner of her eye, there stood a thick jet-black book. As quick as a flash she grabbed the book and skimmed through every page to see if it was the book for her. Suddenly, without hesitation, she went up to the counter and bought it. The man said “You can have the book but don’t turn to the middle page”. She skipped back to her house not knowing what she had got herself into.

As soon as she got home, she told all her family about this amazing book. Then without doing anything else, she ran up to her bedroom and turned page by page. She was so intrigued by the book so every night she would read twenty pages. She was getting closer and closer to the middle page. But she didn’t listen and she turned to the page gasping her breath as she turned. She found a tiny seed on the page and laughed “Is that it?”. She continued reading the book.

Suddenly, the seed shot up from out of the book and down her throat. It grew inside of her and wrapped around her organs. Her parents heard a bang from her bedroom so they dashed up the stairs. They opened the bedroom door and saw their daughter tied up with lots of green sticky vines all over her. Her parents were trying to get her free but then a woodland vine creature grabbed them and sucked them to the walls. Then, without warning, three sharp deadly thorns shot out and it all went silent . . .  

Jacob P

The room was in complete darkness. Cautiously, he pulled the light switch and  the brightness  illuminated and flooded the room. Edging forwards, each floorboard creaked under his weight. The rats rustled in the newspaper in front of his eyes then above his head there hung a ticking clock chiming every  minute. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the old musty carpet rolled up collecting dust. Without warning, a high pitched evil laugh echoed from behind the door. Mr P looked behind him and grabbed the newly sharpened ice-skating boot. Suddenly, a massive axe was smashed through the rotten wooden door. Mr P quickly ran up stairs and slammed his bedroom door shut. Without hesitation, he dragged every piece of furniture and laid it across his door so it was nearly impossible to get in. “Hello,” Mr P whispered with fear.

“HeGo” Mr P’s heart raced, he had never heard such language. He peeked his eye around and there stood a green, muscly goblin searching around carrying a sharpened axe over his shoulder. Without warning, the green goblin charged at the door, BASH he barged into the door and Mr P just stared “GiMmE yOur gOoDs”, Mr P  replied “NEVER!” so the creature held out his hand with anger and shouted  “GIMME.”  AS quick as a flash, the ugly goblin snatched the jewel out of Mr P’s shaking hands and ran away never to be seen again.

Max H

I hope that you all have a lovely weekend,

Miss Jones

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