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Maths in 6H

21/03/2018 at 13:22


This week in maths we completed our work on finding the volume and then moved on to algebra. Homework is about both of these.

Related CGP pages are:

P 58-59 for algebra

P 72-73 for volume.

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In the news…

16/03/2018 at 15:46


This week we have continued to think carefully about the different characters in the poem, The Highwayman and have written newspaper reports about the event. We have explored shades of meaning and tried to use much more sophisticated vocabulary. The results have been fantastic as many children continue to make great progress in their writing.

We have also been reviewing our reading skills – particularly word meaning and inference questions. In grammar, we have looked at the subjunctive form and talked about how we might use this in our Highwayman writing next week. For example:

If I had known the soldiers were coming, I would have demanded Bess run away.

I demand the soldiers be punished for their actions.

If Bess were still alive, she and the Highwayman would be together forever.

If the landlord were the king, he would execute the soldiers.



CGP Revision Books:

English text book (purple book): Read page 8, 33, 59

English exercise book (white book): Complete pages 18-19, 41, 68

Maths text book (red book): Read page 72

Maths exercise book (white book): Complete pages 62-63

Reading Comprehension – No reading comprehension this week. Please send time working on reading speed.


1) Keep practising for the Spelling Bee.

Target Words Week 2:












2) This week in class, we are talking about how to remember how to spell tricky homophones. Please spend some time learning these.






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14/03/2018 at 12:34


This week we finished our work on evolution and inheritance. We looked at selective and cross breeding and put pictures in different parts of a Carroll diagram to show the parents and offspring. Some were quite obvious (e.g. the Labrador and poodle parents and the Labradoodle offspring) but some were strange such as the Wild Mustard Plant parent and the broccoli offspring!

We then went back to the original vocabulary list that we started with and the children could then see what they have learnt. Some of the progress was amazing!

We finished with a fun creative activity where the children had to create their own creature with adaptive traits that could withstand extreme cold, camouflage in the environment, hunt for its own fish and meat, defend itself against predators and live in an ice hole. We had some amazing creatures!

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This week in Maths

14/03/2018 at 12:28


This week we finished our work on area and perimeter. We then went on to finding the area of a triangle and a parallelogram. We began by cutting up a triangle to prove that it is half the area of a rectangle before using the formula. We also turned a rectangle into a parallelogram to prove that it has the same area as the corresponding rectangle and show why the formula is base x height.

Today we moved onto volume. We discussed the meaning of ‘volume’ and the units we use to measure it. We built a simple shape and counted the ‘cubes’ to find out the volume. We then worked out what the sum for that volume would be. From that, we then built bigger shapes and tried out our formula on them. In this way, we now not only know the formula but we understand why it is the formula and how it works.

CGP book p72 and the corresponding pages in the workbook (p62-63) will help with volume work for next week.

Homework is some further area work.


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The Highwayman

09/03/2018 at 16:00


This week, Year 6 started a new unit of work in Literacy: The Highwayman. This classic narrative poem is gripping and causes a lot of debate. Who is the bad guy? Who was to blame? Click on the picture to watch a video retelling of the poem.

The children in 6H have enjoyed reading the poem, finding out about the characters and trying to write from different points of view. They worked in groups to identify key points about each character and then we held a meeting with the five main characters: Tim the ostler, the landlord, Bess, the Highwayman and the captain of King George’s soldiers.  The five children who led the hot seating activity were fantastic in their roles and really helped to bring the poem to life.

Learning Log homework for this weekend is to do a bit of research about the 18th century when the poem was set. Who or what was a highwayman? What was society like? Who set the law? What did people wear? How did they speak? This will help us in our Literacy work next week when we continue to write in the role of different characters and create a newspaper article about the tragic incident. This Learning Log is due on Thursday 15th March.


CGP Revision Books:

English text book (purple book): Read page 7, 32, 58

English exercise book (white book): Complete pages 16-17, 40, 67

Maths exercise book (white book): Complete pages 66-69

Reading Comprehension – No reading comprehension this week as I have sent a Learning Log. Please look at the Reading Revision in the CGP books.


1) Keep practising for the Spelling Bee. I have sent a list of target words to focus on this week. They are from the Year 5/6 word list.

2) This week in class, we are talking about how to remember how to spell tricky homophones. Please spend some time learning these.







Have a great weekend!

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Human adaptations

07/03/2018 at 12:31


While looking at adaptations through evolution, we looked at the advantages and disadvantages of certain adaptations, especially in humans, such as forward facing eyes, binocular vision and bipedalism. We also looked at how humans are the only living things who can intervene in evolution and whether this is a good thing or not – although everyone agreed that Labradoodles are lovely!

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