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6CH Maths w/e 21st April 2017

21/04/2017 at 14:42


This week in maths we have covered the following objective in great depth:

Recognise and find missing angles where they:

  • meet at a point
  • are on a straight line
  • are vertically opposite

Some work examples included:

The children also learned how to create a pie chart from a set of data:

Next week we will be learning about coordinates, rotation, translation and reflection.

Homework has been set and is about number relationships:

Number relationships homework 1

Number relationships homework 2

Have a good weekend

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Eggs, eggs, eggs! KS2 cooking curriculum this half term

17/04/2017 at 19:34


This half term, we are learning how to make scrambled eggs and poached eggs.

Jamie Oliver shows us how:

We intend to use some Farfield Farm eggs (let us know if you would rather use shop bought free range eggs) and chives. If we are lucky enough to get any home grown asparagus in May, we might prepare that too.

Scrambled eggs recipe

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Happy Easter from 6CH

01/04/2017 at 21:58


We’ve come to the end of an incredibly hard-working term. Mr. Cooke, Mrs. Carney and I are all so proud of the effort the children in 6CH have put into their learning. They have made some incredible progress and should all feel very proud of what they have achieved so far!

We have sent some homework for the holiday to help keep our learning and progress moving in an upward direction. Each child has taken home a folder containing a variety of activities. We don’t want them to spend a long time on this work – little and often, spread out over the two weeks if possible please.

One of our biggest focuses at the moment is trying to read a wide variety of Year 6 level books. At school, we have been delving into abridged versions of some classics and are finding that we are captivated by the stories. From Jane Eyre to Frankenstein to White Fang, whole new worlds are opening up for us!

On Friday, we really enjoyed visiting our Year 1 Reading Buddies for their Chicken Event! They showed us the information books they had written, told us everything they knew about chickens, showed us the videos they made and sang a chicken song. We love being with our buddies and remembering our own time in Year 1.

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6CH Maths w/e 31st March 2017

31/03/2017 at 11:19


This week in maths, we have continued working on statistics and data. The children completed work on the following:

  • interpreting charts
  • interpreting line graphs
  • mean average

For the last bullet point, we did a nice activity which involved atlas work to find the lengths of rivers in England and Wales. The children tabulated the information they found and then calculated the mean length of the rivers in each country. We discussed why the rivers in Wales are, on average, shorter in length.

Other maths work this week has included:

  • drawing triangles
  • naming and ordering angles
  • calculating missing angles in shapes

Below are some work examples:


I have set two pieces of homework (one for each week of the holidays) related to the work we have been doing in class. Please support your child as required with these tasks.

Angles Homework 1 Blog

Angles Homework 2 Blog

Data Homework 1 Blog

Data Mean Average Homework 2 Blog

Mathletics work has also been set.

I hope you have a good Easter.

Mr Cooke


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Literacy in 6CH

24/03/2017 at 15:52


We’ve had another enjoyable week writing about the Highwayman. This week, we focused on newspaper reports and experimenting with shifts in formality. Many children were able to write quite a formal newspaper report and then shift to an informal quote from a witness. Overall, this is the best piece of writing the class has done this year. It’s wonderful to see their progress each week.

Today we went to court to try to find the answer to the question, “Is the Highwayman to blame for Bess’ death?” Each side gave an opening statement, questioned the witnesses and provided a summary. Everyone is really getting into the characters!

The class have started a Spring Reading Challenge. They must work together to read 125 high quality books over the next 5 weeks. They have each chosen new books to read at school and will bring some home as well. Please encourage your child to read a wide variety of books at the level of the Year 6 Reading tests – you were all given a sample at Parents’ Evening.



1.Maths = Square numbers

2.Reading = 6CH Reading Challenge


3.English Revision (suggested pages)


Purple English Book = Read page 8-9

White English Book = Complete pages 18-21


Purple English Book = Read page 46-47 / 55

White English Book = Complete page 53-54 / 64

*Parents & Carers, please mark any work in the revision book with your child and help them to go through any errors.

4.Spelling = Practise homophone spellings

Write sentences using each pair.

Think of tricks to help you remember the spellings.

*We are also having a quiz on the Year 5/6 words next week.


Have a lovely, sunny weekend!

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6CH Maths w/e 24th March 2017

24/03/2017 at 11:20


It was lovely to see you at Parents’ Evening this week to discuss your child’s progress in maths and give you an opportunity to look through their books. I think you’ll agree that the children have been working very hard and have covered a great deal of the curriculum since September.

This week in maths we have:

  • labelled the properties of a circle
  • completed problems involving diameter and radius
  • drawn triangles and rectangles with accuracy (from dimensions given)
  • revised how to use a protractor
  • completed work on classification of 2D shapes
  • completed work on interpreting data (including a variety of charts)

Some work examples are below:

Next week we will:

  • continue to draw shapes with accuracy
  • revise the names of angles
  • classify triangles
  • work out missing angles in a variety of shapes
  • construct pie charts from a set of data
  • use data to calculate the mean as an average

Homework has been set and is related to square numbers. I know that we have not be learning about square numbers in class but I thought it would be good to keep up with some number work when so much of the current maths is related to statistics and geometry.

Square Numbers Homework 1 Square Numbers Homework 2

Keep up with the mathletics work.

Have a good weekend.

Mr Cooke

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