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World War One

29/11/2019 at 16:54


We have had a busy week in 6J which seems to have flown by!


This week the children have been writing their non-chronological report around WW1. They used research they had collected last week to produce some excellent writing around the causes of WW1 (Mr Harris was very impressed with the children knowledge), life in the trenches and war at sea. We challenged ourselves to use a wide range of sentence openers and conjunctions to link our ideas together. Earlier in the week the children also developed their use of speech punctuation. They watched a video ‘Lighthouse’ to develop their ideas and use DNA ‘dialogue, narrative, action’. I was impressed with their structure of the speech sentences and some of the humorous comments they felt the characters may have said.

Here is the video we watched.


This week we have been focusing on ordering and comparing fractions and adding fractions with different denominators. The children worked really hard on some difficult challenges and it was nice to see lots of collaborative work taking place. The children were discussing their ideas and solutions and came up with the correct answer after a number of discussions. I am really pleased with the work the children are producing in maths and they are all challenging and pushing themselves to be the best they can be.


Maths homework is on adding fractions – Due Wednesday 4th December

SPaG homework is pronouns – Due Wednesday 4th December

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Jones

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A busy but productive week!

22/11/2019 at 15:48


This week 6J have been taking part in Bikeability and have worked really hard. The children have been completing level one and possibly level two depending on their ability.

Level one aims to develop mastery in cycle handling in an off-road environment and prepare riders for cycling on the road. Level two aims to develop riders’ skills and confidence for cycling on single-lane roads and simple junctions with mostly moderate motor traffic flows (where riders encounter vehicles with progressively greater frequency in each module), and prepares riders for cycling on more complex, often busier or faster roads and junctions.

The children will find out soon which level they have achieved.

In class

As children have been in and out of class all week we have completed our learning on a rota. The children have covered lots of concepts and also had the opportunity to complete some mathematics revision on concepts covered earlier in the year. I was impressed at the amount the children could remember and they completed the activities set well.

Children have also completed some research into particular elements of WW1. The focus areas were, The causes of WW1, life in the trenches and the war at sea. Our research was completed very easily with the use of the new chrome books and all children made very detailed notes ready for next weeks writing task.


The children still have learning logs to complete. Due Wednesday 27th November. SPAG task set – Due Wednesday 27th November Mathletics tasks set – Due Wednesday 27th November

I hope you all have a lovely (but wet) weekend!

Miss Jones

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A great start to the half term!

08/11/2019 at 16:10


It was lovely to see the children arrive back at school on Monday morning with a positive attitude. They were excited to find out that we were starting our new topic of World War One.


In English we have been focusing on poetry this week. The children have explored a wide range of war poetry and discussed the different themes. The children excelled when identifying the theme and held a fantastic discussion about the propaganda involved. Dulce et Decorum est was the main poem we focused on for our writing this week and the children found this poem very emotive and moving. We watched a powerful video to enhance the meaning and message behind the poem. We used the poem to construct a letter based on the information explored within the letter. I was very proud of some of the language and emotion the children explored in their letters.

Following this, the children worked together to create a word bank using the Canada’s Hundred Days clip. I was impressed with the level of figurative language the children developed and used. They thought very carefully about the meaning behind the clip and how to portray this in their writing.

Here is a link the the video we used for Canada’s 100 Days.


What was the cause of World War One? This was the question we posed to the children at the start of the lesson. We then explored a range of sources using these to plot the key events leading up to WW1. It was interesting for the children to see the different countries involvement and develop an understanding that there was not one main cause which started WW1 but in fact many triggers. The children worked collaboratively to plot the key events onto a timeline for their allocated country.


This week we have set both Maths and Learning log homework.

  • Maths – BIDMAS (brackets, indices, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction). This is due in on 13/11/19
  • Learning Log- To learn In Flanders Fields by heart. We would like you to try and read with fluency and intonation. This is due 13/11/19

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to ask.

I hope that you all have a restful weekend,

Miss Jones

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Mould everywhere!

18/10/2019 at 15:55



We have had an exciting week in 6J this week, particularly when uncovering the mould which has been festering in various parts of the classroom.

We have found that nearly every piece of bread tested grew at least a few spores of mould. Daisy and Svana seemed to be able to grow the most mould on their bread which had been rubbed on the toilet seat and kept in a warm location. All children in the class understand that mould likes to grow in places with moisture. I think it is now time we get rid of the mouldy bread.


We have also been working hard on developing our vocabulary. We watched the trailer of Brave and used the character and setting to collect a wide range of vocabulary and phrases. Here are some examples of our hard work.

The children then used their thoughts and ideas to write a character description. I am looking forward to reading these.


The children have completed their 108 Year 3/4 key spellings and I will be sending home revision sheets next week. Please keep up to date with Spelling Shed and Mathletics – these are great tools for rehearsing skills.

Thank you very much for all of the learning log homework this week I can see that there has been lots of effort and collaborative work.

Homework for 18.10.19

Mathematics – Prime Numbers Due 23/10/19

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Jones

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A busy week in 6J

04/10/2019 at 16:43


We have had another week of hard work and perseverance this week. The children have been exploring explanation texts, using short division to solve some tricky mathematical problems and growing mould!


This week the children have been hard at work on a different text type – explanations. This has been tricky as they are rather similar to instructional writing which we completed the week before. The children have worked hard identifying the features and language choices and also started their own research into volcanoes. Next week they will use this knowledge to write their own explanation text.

In our grammar lessons we have also been exploring active and passive voice. After a sticky start, the children can now confidently identify and use both the passive and active voice.

Can you write the sentence in the passive voice?

  1. Miss Jones marked the children’s books.
  2. Billy told the headteacher a joke.


The children have worked exceptionally hard this week on their division skills and have completed a wide range of tasks. At the start of the week, most of us were having trouble with the size and difficulty of the numbers. We have used a wide range of resources (and brushed up on our times table knowledge) and the class are now much more confident with their division methods. I have set division for homework this week and if any one is finding it tricky please ask!


In Science this week we have spent more time exploring microorganisms. The children have a good understanding of the different types and impressed me with their writing skills around this. On Monday, we set up an investigation into how quickly microorganisms grow on white bread. As you can imagine, the children picked some weird and wonderful places to rub their bread on. We are now impatiently awaiting the results.

Homework for 04/10/2019

Maths – division sheet in books (Due 9th October)

Learning log – Edward Jenner (Due 16th October)

Please also log onto Spelling Shed, Mathletics and TT Rocks at least 3 times this week.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Jones

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6J on Yeadon Tarn

27/09/2019 at 13:34


Last Friday we had a fantastic time learning how to sail on Yeadon Tarn. Although many of the children were nervous, they all gave it their best and returned to land with huge smiles on their faces.


The children also completed a drama activity thinking about what they would need to do if they found themselves stranded on a deserted island.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and have produced some good writing about how to survive when stranded on an island.

Homework for 27/09/2019

Today children have been given some maths homework to complete. This is due on Wednesday 2nd October. I have also set some tasks on Mathletics to be completed by next Friday.

Spellings have also been given out and are focusing on ible and able endings. Children will complete a short test on these words next week (Thursday 3rd October). Please ensure you are accessing Spelling Shed at least 3 times per week at home.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Jones

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